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Max DeGroot Ad World 
A parody of "Mad World" as done by Gary Jules. I did this as a challenge. Someone suggested I do a parody to this song with the subject being an inappropriate post to a role playing forum.

2009-01-18 Insane Ian
I love this. A lot. In the face.
2009-01-18 STrRedWolf
Yay! DeGroot gets posted on the Sideshow!
2009-01-18 oddaustin
Great work, man. I've always really liked the original, I'm glad you parodied the Gary Jules version and not the Tears for Fears one. Hope you'll post here more often in the future!
2009-01-18 maxgoof
Oh, I have a lot of parodies. I'll be pumping out one a week for a while.
2009-01-18 rick cormier
Nicely done, Max. I liked it alot.
2009-01-18 Spaff.com
Try Viagra. Try Viagra.
2009-01-19 maxgoof
Ban the bastard! Ban the bastard! JUST KIDDING, ROBERT LUND!!
2009-01-20 wildcard9
Good song.
2009-01-20 wildcard9
Good song.
2009-01-21 Woyro
many many chuckles. well done, Max. looking forward to more.
2009-01-26 DJ Particle
You've been BLEEDING EDGED on the DT20! :)
2009-02-09 czwrefsteven
Max, I like the stuff I've heard from you on the Sideshow. Are you going to be putting together a CD of your stuff?
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