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Art Paul Schlosser I Can Tell You Shop at Hot Topic 
Well Me and Luke were talking about me doing a Gothsicle song sometime and I think that was during MarsCon 2007 or the following Odyssey Con and then nothing really came about until just before MarsCon 2008 and then we were talking about the smack down and originally I wasnt planning on doing this song during the smack but rather during my regular show but the Gothsicles didnt show up. And that was the problem now would I be doing Oops Im Crazy Again, or another Demented song which was kind of good or should I do this one and what really happen is we were running out of time and I knew Lukes idea would be a hit and and I also knew that both The Gothsicles were in the audiance and and that it would take me less time to do this song then the other one that I cant even remember what it was anymore so there you have the story behind the song.

2008-11-10 lukeski
Bla bla bla, lip service, lip service! :) Thanks for posting this Art!
2008-11-13 wildcard9
archive.org is saying this song is not available due to complains about the content. what the heck??
2008-11-13 artpaul
Hey wildcard is that a joke ? Can you still download it at the sideshow ?
2008-11-14 yoyogod
I just tried to download this and got a "403 error". I knew I should have downloaded it when it was released :(
2008-11-15 wildcard9
Art, unfortunately, I was not making a joke. That is the error message I am getting from archive.org when I try to download the file directly.
2008-11-15 davidtanny
The mp3 link goes to this page: "Item not available. The item is not available due to issues with the item's content."
2008-11-15 artpaul
Wow that's weird ! I thought it was just a harmless funny song. What part of the song do you think is the problem ?
2008-11-15 artpaul
Well maybe I make it availible on my soundclick page ? Would anyone want it if I did that ?
2008-11-16 Derwood Bowen
Totally! I never got to hear it because of the busyness of college! That would totally rule!
2008-11-16 davidtanny
I never cared for the Gothsicles. The lead singer sounds like he's trying to sing after somebody kicked him in the balls.
2008-11-17 artpaul
Well you can now get this for free at my sound click page at http://www.soundclick.com/artpaulschlosser I will leave it up until Dec 1st.
2008-11-21 davidtanny
Heard it at the link. Yucch. :-(
2009-12-04 artpaul
I took it off my soundclick page but you can now get it at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/artpaul29 Or you can download it at Apple itunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/live-at-marscon-2007-2008/id319906356 And the video is at:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t509aKAWSAc
2009-12-04 artpaul
Can we embed here or is there a place I can add a youtube video of this song on the fump sideshow ?
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