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Insane Ian featuring The Stacey Umbrella Chronicles 
Just in time for Halloween, Insane Ian brings you the wonder that is Resident Evil [the game, NOT the movie] in song form. As a Parody of "Umbrella" by Rihanna feat. Jay-Z, this song features Insane Ian as Chris Redfield and introducing The Stacey as Jill Valentine. This and many other song will be featured on Insane Ian's upcoming album "n3rds0ngs", and you can get more information at www.InsaneIan.com

Happy Halloween!

2008-10-30 oddaustin
Great song, Ian! Stacey does an excellent vocal performance as well, great work guys!
2008-10-30 dino-mike
Nice job. I hate the original, but I love the game... so I was a bit torn. The Stacey's vocals were great.
2008-10-31 devospice
I just love it when artists do a parody of songs I hate. Thank you!
2008-11-11 voiceroy
Heard you guys do this one at Dragon*Con. Really great parody of a really annoying, overplayed song.
2008-11-17 Insane Ian
Um...we weren't at Dragon*Con, so therefore didn't perform this there. Is this another case of great parody minds thinking alike?
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