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Insane Ian Luna, See? 
Insane Ian's entry into round one of the Masters of Song-Fu #2 competition over at QuickStopEntertainment.com. The entries requirement was to write a song about the moon, so Ian...wrote the most monotonous song he could think of...until he realized it was supposed to be about The MOON, not the MONO.
2008-08-28 oddaustin
This song is awesome, certainly the best of the fu round one. I'm assuming the voting ends Thursday NIGHT, right Ian? I don't see why it would be the morning. So if anybody wants to vote still the exact link is http://www.quickstopentertainment.com/2008/08/21/masters-of-song-fu-2-round-1-challenge-voting-begins/. And if I'm wrong and the voting is over then what a travesty!
2008-08-28 wildcard9
I heard this one on the Song Fu site already. Very good song.
2008-08-28 peterfump9
I like this song and I voted for it.
2008-08-29 batlrar
No mention of werewolves? Strange. Still, a very good song; congrats!
2008-09-07 davidtanny
Redneck word: Lunacy. Definiton: aimed at a girl to make her see your point of view. Example: Lunacy your doctor about your illness.
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