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Ridikulus Big Filk Stars This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
For everyone that ever had a dream of rockin', geek-style...
2008-07-27 ThatCrazyCajun
Great song parody! Now how about posting the lyrics, pretty please? Some of us are hearing-impaired and can't catch everything.
2008-07-27 davidtanny
Too many bad words. Sorry. :-(
2008-07-27 Insane Ian
Why are YOU sorry, David? YOU didn't write it.

Reagrdless, this should be added to Bofore Radio's parody competition...it's the THIRD parody I've heard of the same song...with practically the same title/topic!

Great minds DO think alike, apparently. Just ask CRoses and Curt the Camera Guy!

2008-07-28 dino-mike
This is a pretty damn awesome song. This is one of the better parodies to this song I have heard. What are you talking about David? I think I caught like 2 swear words. I digress, great work, keep it up.
2008-07-28 Insane Ian
Erm...my last comment missed a point..and Dino-Mike made it, this is one of the better versions of this parody I have heard as well. Sorry, should have been clearer. ^_^
2008-07-29 davidtanny
If there's only two, then I can easily bleep them out and use it on my podcast.
2008-07-29 gnabgib1
Thanks for the feedback. I'll post the lyrics to our myspace, http://www.myspace.com/ridikulusfilk. We also intend to record a "radio edit" of this song within the next few days which will be available on request.
2008-08-28 wannablessedbe
Pardon my 'living under a rock' ignorance, but what song is this a parody of? Whatever it's a parody of, it's an amazing song, and I'll repeat the clamouring for a copy of the lyrics to be posted somewhere easily accessible. :D
2008-09-10 voiceroy
I heard you guys perform this at Dragon*Con's Open Filk. Very nicely done. Look forward to hearing many more quality parodies like this from you in the future.
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