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Song written by Art Paul Schlosser and perform by Michael Hill aka That Guy To Brainwash Your MInd 
This is one of the new songs written by Art Paul Schlosser as part of his new CD project called Parodies I wrote and some I perform. Hey if you have questions or want to check out more samples go to http://www.myspace.com/artpaultheparodyproject

2008-07-15 rick cormier
What? Elvis is dead? Who did the vocal on this one, then?
2008-07-15 djseamus
"They just say this to brainwash your mind...." yeah, and also to keep our attention away from Iraq and the increasing national debt...which is increasing just as fast as Elvis' arteries must have clogged from those peanut-butter- and-bacon sandwiches. I say a big, hip-swingin' "Thank ya very much" to Art Paul and Mike Hill AKA "That Guy" for recording this awesome parody.
2008-07-15 davidtanny
Listen to Imagine the Sequel for a message about Elvis being sighted at MarsCon 2008 ;-)
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