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DJ Particle PC08 
Rob Balder said I should submit this. *heh* This is part of my contribution to the Tom Smith fundraiser project. The full track this comes from consists of both of Tom Smith's versions plus this update I wrote specially for the project and clocks in at just under 9 minutes, and you can get that full version by making a donation to Tom's virtual open guitar case on www.tomsmithonline.com. Rob has further details about that.

Here on the Sideshow is the part that I wrote new. Like both of Tom's, it's a parody of "Under the Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

Tom, if you want to add this to your repertoire, feel free ^.^v Consider it a gift.

2008-06-16 badavecom
This song is such a fun OS to parody, I've heard several of this song--it's one of those that you get a certain level of 'fun' out of no matter what you do with it:)
2008-06-16 weirdojace
2008-06-16 wildcard9
Excellent updating of the classic song. It was long overdue.
2008-06-17 shoebox
This is great! -=ShoEboX=-
2008-06-18 CaptNova
I hope you and Tom can do a duet on this live.
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