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Beth Kinderman Drinking Song 
I watch a lot of TV. I also complain a lot about the TV I watch, usually with beer in hand. So when one of my LiveJournal friends requested that I write a drinking song, it was clear that I should write about the shows that are, collectively, responsible for the bulk of my drinking. The listener should be advised that this song contains spoilers for recent episodes of Lost and Battlestar Galactica.

2008-05-20 Balder
Ack ack ack ack I clicked play first. Barely managed to clamp hands over my ears and go LALALALALA at the mention of BSG. Great to hear you here, Beth. I'll listen to the whole thing when I am caught up.
2008-05-20 gamerchick
Sorry about that! I was spoiled too so I feel your pain. Thanks for the comment and your support. (c:
2008-05-20 devospice
Very nice! Great to hear you posting another song.
2008-05-28 peterfump9
I loved it but I woke up with a headache the next day. :-)
2008-05-30 gamerchick
Thanks everybody for helping make this #4 on this week's Mad Music Dementia Top 20 countdown!
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