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Dino-Mike Another 1985 Parody 
The toughest thing about writing a parody is finding a song no one else has already parodied... cause, lets face it, thats just lame. However, I have decided to write a parody based on the fact that others have done parodies to the song too many damn times! This song is available on the album Komedykazi available now at www.dino-mike.com
2007-08-23 MarlinsGirl
I really enjoyed this song. There have been a lot of 1985 parodies.
2007-08-23 wildcard9
So, are we going to get a list of all the songs referenced here? I only knew of two of them, now I want to hear the rest.
2007-08-23 Derwood Bowen
Hmm, there were more than I thought. I knew Dr. Demento played 2 songs called "1955," and I've heard the NBW one before, I guess I just didn't realize how abundant parodies of this song are. And for those that couldn't remember who did the original, I believe the band is called "Bowling For Soup" if memory serves me.
2007-08-24 djseamus
You sound a lot like Wierd Al. Was that intentional, or is it your normal singing voice? Good writing.
2007-08-24 dino-mike
Thanks for the comments everyone, let's answer some questions, shall we? Yeah, I've been told I sound like "Weird Al"... but that is my normal singing voice (imagine that). Yes, Bowling for Soup did the original =) I don't think even I have the full list of people who have parodied this tune. Anyone feel like homework? I'm glad you enjoyed the song... and yes, there have been a lot of parodies to 1985; I'm glad someone else noticed!
2007-08-31 Sparklez
The parodies I can think of/have found for 1985 are: Bob Ricci - Beach Boy Soup, Johnny Crass - Bein' a Jedi, ApologetiX - None too Ladylike and Matt Hodgson - 1955. Hope that helps! Also, I love the song ;)
2007-09-17 peterfump9
Yeah, just what we need, another parody of 1985. Just kidding, nice work!
2008-02-18 ronnie1969
I didn't know there were that many songs that parodied 1985. You did a very awesome job! I love it!
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