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DJ Particle Ode to a Food Critic 
Outsourcing, it's affected many of us one way or another. Many former techs have had to take some odd jobs in order to keep the bills paid. here is one of the...tastier...jobs out there. Parody of "Live Like You Were Dying" by Tim McGraw. Special thanks to Karaoke-Version.com for allowing me to use their backing track service for this. You guys rock!

From my third album But Wait, There's More!

2008-04-23 MarlinsGirl
awesome song, DJ Particle.
2008-04-23 devospice
One of your best songs. Nice work.
2008-04-23 wildcard9
I head this one for the first time yesterday, definately glad to see it here on the Sideshow!
2008-04-23 zefuldar
lol. rocky mountain oysters indeed. reminds me of my last project. nice work on the lyrics and vocals DJP. sounds good.
2008-04-23 peterfump9
Sounds like a good job for me except for the RMOs.....Great song!
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