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CRoses G33k5tar 
Not much to say, it's my very first song, based around sci-fi cons and the experiences as a comedy music artist. Enjoy! Leet translation: Geekstar

2008-04-03 nerdapalooza
^_^ i dig it!
2008-04-03 MrTuesday
Been waiting since Marscon for this. Awesome song.
2008-04-03 MrTuesday
*bows down* I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!
2008-04-03 DJ Particle
As promised, you're on Bleeding Edge on the DT20 this weekend :)
2008-04-03 CRoses
W00t! This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for such an honour, Emi. Thanks Tues and nerdapalooza for the kind comments. ^.^
2008-04-03 artpaul
I really like this !
2008-04-03 wildcard9
I have been looking forwards to having a copy of this song for a month now. Now I am a happy bunny.
2008-04-03 davidtanny
Sounded good. A lot of newcomers on the side show lately.
2008-04-03 badavecom
Pretty creative, I don't think I've ever seen 8 comments on one sideshow song, you made me want to parody this song!
2008-04-04 batlrar
Wow, excellent lyrics and a great voice! You'll go far for sure. Congrats on this great parody!
2008-04-05 madmanOTL
Great song! Knowing this song was coming out on the sideshow on that day, I changed my show's theme so I can play it.
2008-04-05 Sparklez
Aw man, beat me to the punch on this one. XD I've had a parody called "Constar" in the works. Had a lot of the same lines as this, which automatically makes me go AWESOME! and then oh crap, get out of my head! Loved it, and congrats on getting it out first ;P
2008-04-05 giftedgear
*joins Mr. Tuesday* I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy! I suck! I don't deserve to leave this comment! You're pretty!
2008-04-06 DocOpt
Nothing like a vague Firefly reference. Quality song you have here.
2008-04-09 dino-mike
This is an awesome song!!! You should be very proud.
2008-04-17 snarkdogg
Oh yeah... This song rocks and sums up my goals quite nicely.
2008-04-18 kj
FTW! As I said at MarsCon, this is a big piece of awesome.
2008-04-19 Carrie Dahlby
Wonderful!!! :)
2009-07-30 Balder
This remains one of my favorite Sideshow songs ever.
2009-09-30 Knarf
Mine too, Rob. Mine too
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