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TV's Kyle Babaganoush 
Originally written for a SongFight. This brand new version will be on the upcoming "Let's All Do the Guk Guk Guk!".
2007-08-21 JakeWaters
Kyle, You freakin' amaze me. Can't wait for the new CD!
2007-08-21 Derwood Bowen
Interesting tune. How come we had 2 songs today?
2007-08-21 devospice
That's very odd. I'll have to look into it. It might have just been an oversight on my part when I was moving some of the posts around. I may have goofed and put two down for today. No biggie.
2007-08-21 JakeWaters
Woohoo! Two for Tuesday!
2007-08-21 DJ Particle
Maybe Kyle and DF submitted their songs at exactly the same time? ;) Just wondering *heh*
2007-08-21 devospice
That's possible. The code that checks for available dates checks when it loads, not when it submits. Not a big deal now, but could become an issue of like 7 people submit for the same date.
2007-08-21 Derwood Bowen
Well, I don't know the traffic level of people submitting stuff, being merely a sideshower myself.
2007-08-22 davidtanny
Babaganoosh is in the house. Yeah!
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