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Spookster and The Scaremenots The Tiger Eats Tonight an Art Paul Schlosser Parody of the Lion Sleeps Tonight 
One day while hanging out at http://www.themadmusicarchive.com and talking about Tigers at the zoo and the song The Tiger\'s Wide Awake I felt compelled to write this parody called The Tiger Eats tonight and then I saw another post that Spookster and the Scaremenots were looking for writers and so I summited this to them and here is their version of the song I wrote that they said I could promote through my label Art Paul Schlosser Inc. and where ever else wanted to summit it. In return I told Spookster I would promote his myspace which is at http://www.myspace.com/spooksterand thescaremenots

2008-02-18 djseamus
Whichever group recorded the original song must be rolling in their grave (if they're all dead, that is) laughing their a%* off! I know sure am (not dead, of course, but laughing my a%* off. Though I think I like "Everybody Get Weird" more then this.
2008-02-19 karlap
Funny song, especially the taunting visitors. Just don't get sued by their lawyers. The remaining tigers saw their new cage today -t he one with the higher fence; it should be open to the public soon. Great performance by the Scaremenots as always.
2008-02-19 DJ Particle
As of right now....the site the file is on is down. Derwood has trouble with archive.org in this respect sometimes too
2008-02-20 peterfump9
Perhaps the tiger ate the files :-)
2008-02-21 artpaul
I don't understand I pushed on both buttons and the music plays for me.
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