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Curt-The Camera Guy Filkstar 
This is my first attempt at doing a filk song. I heard "Rockstar" on the radio and my version of "Filkstar" formed in my head out of the blue. I was a man possessed until I had the lyrics all written down. I got the backing track from a Brazilian website that uses it's own musicians to produce royalty-free versions of popular songs. All the voices you hear are ones that I use in little audio skits in my podcast, The Wandering Geek. If you enjoy it please give some feedback so I know if I should try some more, I've got a few ideas.
2008-02-09 DJ Particle
Site is down :(
2008-02-09 Insane Ian
Awesome track. Funny and...oddly enough, completely relate-able. ^_^ -Insane Ian
2008-02-09 CameraGuy
DJ, I tried both the "Play" and the "Download" here it it worked ok for me. If you're having a problem you can go over to my podcast site and download it from there. www.WanderingGeek.info, it's in the "My Other Projects" section on the right hand column. And thanks Ian, I'm glad you liked it.
2008-02-09 DJ Particle
It's ok..the site was down for a while but came back up sometime this afternoon
2008-02-09 davidtanny
What's with the backslash in your name?
2008-02-09 devospice
This is awesome. :) If you tell me how your name is supposed to read I'll fix it in the database.
2008-02-10 MarlinsGirl
Awesome Song.
2008-02-10 CameraGuy
Devo, It's supposed to be Curt "The Camera Guy", but I'm assuming you can't use quotes and that's how it got messed up. Thanks everyone for the kind the kind comments.
2008-02-10 djseamus
This is an awesome song, Curt. Looks like you're "parodying like a filkstar" here! I look forward to another post from you. "I got Tom Smith on my speed dial" - he he!
2008-02-10 devospice
Yeah, quotes get screwed up when the form processes them. I think a call to stripslashes() here or there may fix it but I haven't had time to really investigate.
2008-02-18 ronnie1969
Very awesome song!
2008-02-24 peterfump9
Great song! We want to hear more!
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