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Derwood Bowen Wikipedia 
Anyone can edit, and everyone trusts it. What's not to make fun of about that?

2007-08-27 devospice
You beat me to the punch(line). My next song is on just this topic. :)
2007-08-27 Aleksej
2007-08-27 Aleksej
Seriously, people should read what Wikipedia's purpose is, and how to use it...

I hope it's linked somewhere _close_ to the Main page, though.
2007-08-27 Derwood Bowen
Actually, Spice, I first put this song on my Myspace in May. Not that that changes what you said! lol
2007-08-27 JakeWaters
You have some funny lines in there! I couldn't help but notice though, that you need to replace the battery in your smoke alarm. :)
2007-08-27 DJ Particle
You Wiki-vandal, you! ;) Seems like everyone is making a Wiki song nowadays... Tom Smith, you, Sudden Death....
2007-08-28 Derwood Bowen
Tom Smith did one also? Wow, Wikipedia songs are as prevalent as parodies of 1985 apparently!
2007-08-28 DJ Particle
Yeah, it's his latest iTom song, "WikiPirates", about their strictness when it comes to "notability"
2007-08-28 djseamus
Yeah, Jakewaters is right...I too heard some high-pitched squeaks in your awesome rap about the wiki. Was this sound intentional? If you do need to replace your smoke alarm's batteries then please do. As a fan, I would hate to hear about a fump songwirter passing out from smoke inhalation.
2007-08-29 Derwood Bowen
Hmm... I just listened to it, and I think I realized what the squeaks are in here. I was sitting on a chair, and I guess it rocked a little and made those noises. I'm trying to stand up for future song recordings so I don't get that. Thanks for pointing that out though.
2007-08-30 Spookster
2007-08-30 Spookster
This song is GREAT!
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