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Blasted Bill Tile/CDSW VS .Cedric Gervais/ 
One of my new favorite songs is Cedric Gervais - Molly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reAZiJlEuL8. While listening one day I realized how the Molly girl was similar to the Tile guy and I had to make this happen. If you don't watch know the Molly song or the Cirque Du So What Tile sketches, this song will make no since to you. Big thanks to Chris Mezzolesta even though he didn't know what he was helping me with.
2015-06-13 wildcard9
*watches the Molly video* *listens to Bill's song* Epic face palm. Well done, Bill, well done.
2015-06-15 Madmike
Nice Mix. I think I need strobe lights and glow sticks now. and tile.
2015-06-15 onib
This is truly epic.
2016-07-24 saganth
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