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Joe J Thomas Don't Worry, You're Fifty! 
For my 50th birthday, I created my own parody of "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" Hope you enjoy XD

2013-10-24 EclecticLee
2013-10-24 JoeActor
Thanks EclecticLee! It was my half-century rite of passage song...
2013-10-24 ldlang
Thanks. This song almost comes too late for me. Can you do one for the next decade?
2013-10-24 mrwompy
I'm 6.5 years past 50, and I still enjoyed this song! I guess it's because I don't have to wear Depends ... yet.
2013-10-25 JoeActor
Happy Birthday everyone! Looks like I should write one per decade ;-)
2013-10-25 wildcard9
*shakes fist* This will be me at the end of March. I am not looking forwards to it.
2013-11-04 artpaul
Okay the song I liked but can you make one with more depression in it because a happy song about being 50 is not exactly how I feel especially with my legs hurting now and then and sometimes I can't hear everything and young girls treat me like I'm their Grandpa
2013-11-04 JoeActor
Hey artpaul - sure... next time, more depressing! BTW, this song was on last week's Dr. Demento show - pretty cool!
2013-11-05 artpaul
You deserve it
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