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DJ Particle as Carowyn Bloodstorm Pink Mail Bracers 
For the last year and a half, World of Warcraft has allowed us a way to have our own unique look for out toons. We farm some kickin' gear and use it to change the look of our *actual* gear. They call this by the Watterson-esque name of "Transmogrification".

Some people put together some great sets! Some put together some eyesores! And then there are the ones who try to be as different as possible...

I once again don my WoW persona of Blood Elf Carowyn Bloodstorm for this song about a woman who loves the weird warriors! Cameos from Tak, Letomi, Mad Mike, and the crowd from the 2013 MarsCon Dementia Fan Showcase!

2013-06-26 DJ Particle
320 Kbps version available for sale at MadMusic.com. Base backing track supplied from the talented people at Recisio!
2013-06-26 Madmike
This is a fun song.
2013-07-18 dice1342
Awesome song. I remember singing the original in girl scouts.
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