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Fur The Love Of Mic and friends The Big Furry Wall 
So, on 5/17, Kavo, as The Phantom of the BG, announced that he was setting his sights on the collection of songs and parodies presently at the top of the DT20 chart. We, of course, took it in the spirit it was given. So, we decided to return the favor, with a short parody, done purely tongue in cheek, with as many furs as we could muster in the chorus.

2013-06-01 DJ Particle
Kavo's response:

2013-06-01 DJ Particle
And furthermore! I love this interaction! The FuMP/MM/Demento crowd and the WoW Machinima/Parody crowd are finally interacting!!! :)
2013-06-01 maxgoof
He sent me that link himself. :D You ARE playing it next week, right??
2013-06-02 wildcard9
Oh the fight is on! And I, for one, and loving it! *munches popcorn*
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