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Max DeGroot Stream 
It's been a while since I did a parody, and the idea for this came last Saturday. A parody of "All I Ever Do Is Dream" by the Everly Brothers.

2011-09-08 rick cormier
Love it, Max! The Everly Brothers taught me to appreciate the use of intricate harmonies.
2011-09-08 mrwompy
That's a good one, Max!!
2011-09-08 wildcard9
Bravo!! Well done, Max!! Great song!!
2011-09-08 onib
Great job, Max. You did fantastic work blending the vocal tracks.
2011-09-08 Jeff Reuben
Good song Max, I enjoyed this. Harmonies are well done.
2011-09-09 davewhite
Brilliant! Even Rick Cormier could not have done better.
2011-09-20 voiceroy
Netflixtastic! Loved it. Why you are not yet an "Additional Artist" on TheFuMP is mindblowing to me, and seems a little unfair when you are so prolific on the Sideshow and continue to produce quality stuff. You are my hero o'the moment, Max.
2011-10-16 Barnside
Superb [x] me likes. Put it on a FuMP CD. Hmmm Rick and Max, together? Hey, may be they can work it out, strange things have been known to happen - Paul McCartney just remarried, bet there's some humor in there you could kick a wooden leg at *smirk* ;)
2012-05-02 Regel Gumm
Mr. DeGroot, are you aware that Xfinity is using your song in its recent tv ads?
2012-05-02 maxgoof
I was not aware of this.
2012-05-02 maxgoof
Saw the commercial. All they did was what I started with, substituting the word Stream for Dream. Definitely within Fair Use. I don't own the idea.
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