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The FuMP Episode 299 This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
Devo Spice and Luke Ski are joined by Small Batch Mafia to discuss this week's songs from TheFuMP.com. Plus a pre-recorded interview with Holy Bongwater and a new song by Insane Ian.
2016-03-12 EclecticLee
Luke asked about the period used to include an artist's tour dates. Currently we give the core a free pass. So even though we're closing in on 4 years since Tom Smith or Possible Oscar posted anything, their tour dates (if any) will continue to be given.

Auxiliary acts get two years. So Phil Johnson's got until late September to submit another track. Finally, probationary acts get one year.

I also usually give side projects a pass based on the main act, so you'll likely continue to see the New Orleans Steamcog Orchestra listed as long as the C.O.G. has done a track in the past two years.

If the FuMP core wants to shorten those time periods, feel free. I came up with them back before the main page was so open to new acts. But I think they're still working out well.
2016-03-12 garnsr
While listening to Bonecage's parodies on Porcelain Pony (only 4 bucks!) I noticed that the music was sometimes not slavish in sounding like the originals, sometimes almost being like elevator backing versions of the music, and the lyrics can go quite a ways away from rhythm of the originals. When Devo was talking to Holy Bongwater they discussed adding an artist's touches to a parody, and I wondered what the value is of getting a song that sounds just like the original, but with different words, or of just getting a basis for ideas from the original, and doing what you need to to make your own song out of it. Bonecage has worked on parodies for a lot of other people, what views has he come across doing his own and other peoples' songs?
2016-03-15 Drachonus
(trumpets playing the final fantasy victory set) CONGRATULATIONS FUNNY MUSIC PROJECT ON 300 PODCASTS! Care to talk about how you feel the site's evolved since Rob Balder Started the Site? bonecage, where do you see yourself on this site when it hits 500? Chris, being the most mature person on here, where do you think the FuMP brought you in the industry? Tom, do you think that the fump will become mainstream in fame in the next 5 years? Luke, ...... I got nothing.
2016-03-16 mrwompy
From a long-time fan that has remained steadfast ... Congratulations on making it to 300 podcasts! I'm sure that Lukeski and Devo Spice Have invested lots of time to pay the price.
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