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2015-03-18 the great Luke Ski
Check out the great Luke Ski's video for "The Twilight Zone"!
2015-03-07 Nuclear Bubble Wrap
New music video: THE AGENDA

Check out our new music video for our song "The Agenda." This was animated by ThePivotsXXD and basically is a statement of how dumb homophobes sound. Spread the love and share it!

"The Agenda" is available on our album Psycho Delicacy.
2015-02-16 the great Luke Ski
Join the new Official Dr. Demento Facebook Group, moderated by members of the FuMP!
Join the new for-realsies actually factually OFFICIAL DR. DEMENTO FACEBOOK GROUP! This is group is moderated by members of the FuMP, and Dr. Demento himself will be there interacting with fans and looking for what classics and new hits of comedy music the fans are talking about to play on his weekly internet show! Come on in and join the fun now at http://www.facebook.com/groups/drdemento !
2015-01-14 the great Luke Ski
MarsCon 2015 Dementia Track & Fund Raiser announced!

The MarsCon Dementia Track is proud to announce our Main Stage concert line-up for MarsCon 2015
2015-01-02 the great Luke Ski
The FuMP is all over Dr. Demento's Funny 25 of 2014!
The FuMP had 11 songs on Dr. Demento's Funny 25 countdown for 2014! Big congrats to Carrie Dahlby who had her biggest Dr. Demento Show hit ever this year with "Almost Parent Time" featuring Earl "Wyngarde" Luckes hitting #5! Similarly, the Confabulation Of Gentry hit #6 with their steampunk inspired "Airships". It's their first time on the Funny 25, so curtsey to the C.O.G.! Worm Quartet came back strong again with another autobiographical hit, "Fueled By Angst" at #7! Congrats also to Insane Ian and Steve Goodie who each had 2 tracks, also Devo Spice, and another first-timer on the Funny 25, Mikey Mason!

The Funny Music Project launched in January of 2007, and every year since then, the #1 song of the year on "The Dr. Demento Show" has been a track which was originally posted to the public at the Main Page of the FuMP by one of our artists. Well the 8-year streak continues, as yours truly, the great Luke Ski, nabbed the #1 spot with my ode to the concept of arrested development, "Fake Adult"! So huge thanks to all the fans who requested it all year, all my cohorts from the FuMP who made appearances in the song, and of course, Dr. Demento himself! This is the 4th time I've had the #1 song of the year, and it means the world to me that you all loved one of my original tunes that much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

All in all, another great year for the artists of the FuMP on "The Dr. Demento Show"! Go us! :D You can listen to Funny 25 of 2014 episode of "The Dr. Demento Show" anytime at the show's website: http://drdemento.com/online.html
2015-01-02 the great Luke Ski
2015 Logan Awards announcements

First of all, we

2015-01-01 Devo Spice
January Subscriber Drive

The FuMP's January Subscriber Drive is Back!

Subscribe to the FuMP during the month of January and you will receive one month free and a free USB drive containing all the music we released during 2014! That includes The FuMP compilation albums volumes 43-48 and the Halloween with the FuMP album.

Non-recurring subscriptions have been discounted to account for the free month. Recurring subscriptions will have one month refunded either for February, March, or April 2015.

Existing subscribers can order their own copy of the USB drive for just $14.99 by clicking here. Note that the drive will only be sold during the month of January.

As a subscriber you will get unlimited downloads for all of our 900+ songs in our library, free downloads of the compilation albums in our store, access to our high quality RSS feed, no ads on the site, and a 20% discount on FuMP compilation CDs. Level 2 subscribers will also get the compilation CDs shipped to them every other month as they are produced.

If you've been contemplating a subscription to The FuMP now is definitely the time to go for it. Click here to subscribe.
2014-12-15 Nuclear Bubble Wrap
Nuclear Bubble Wrap Holiday Sale!

Holiday bargains! Everyone's favorite! For now, ALL CDs AND DIGITAL DOWNLOADS are just $5.00. That includes the new album, Psycho Delicacy. Yep. Just five bucks. The Nuclear Bubble Wrap T-shirt has been brought down to just $8.00, and we're also gonna give away the butt poster absolutely FREE with any CD or T-shirt purchase. If you've ever wanted this stuff, take advantage of this offer while it lasts! Revel in the over-commercialization of the holiday season with us! Head over to the merch section of our website!
The FuMP News: Page
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