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Ookla The Mok Doctor Octopus (live) 

Doctor Octopus (feat. Venom) DOC OCK Check out my limbs, there’s eight, I’m Doctor Octopus That’s right, I’m him, I’m great, I’m Doctor Octopus Rocktopus, shocktopus, watch the groupies flocktopus When I’m busting rhymes like Johann Sebastian Bachtopus I’m Doctor Octopus! BOOM Shalocktopus! I was a weak geek before I was Doctor Octopus Sittin’ watchin’ Star Trek III: the Search for Spocktopus Mockedtopus by jockstopus, my face was acne-pockedopus My bully was always waiting as home I’d have to walktopus Every single day after school at three o’clocktopus My walktopusman jamming to New Kids on the Blocktopus He scoffed and gave my nose a socktopus, I coughed as off he knocked my blocktopus Now I’m gonna get my friend and I’m gonna get revenge on Jacques the Jerk-off Jocktopus There’s really only one who can hang with Doctor Octopus Last night at Karaoke we sang One Night in Bangkoktopus He served in the war in Iraqtopus, disturbed by the gore, he’s shellshockedtopus Permit me to introduce you to my good friend Eddie Brocktopus VENOM Yo, what up? I’m the one they call Venom I’m gonna track Spider-Man down and then I’m Gonna thank him kindly for the use of his second-hand clothes Hand-me-downs that he found lyin’ around The Battleworld, that’s the world where half of me originated The half of me that you see, the rest is sublimated. That’s my sentiment, but then again I represent Sentient alien symbiosis. That means my super-suit’s smarter than my foe’s is. Half jealous journalist, and half ET I blend ‘em when I can, again, I’m Venom, that’s me! DOC OCK Check out my versatile white lab frocktopus When I’m finger-paintin’ it’s a stylin’ art smocktopus Fans stalktopus my chalktopus, soon down my door they’ll knocktopus My style is late romantic, like Blake or Delacroixctopus VENOM Your suit’s fine but check out mine My suits a kind of sentient alien slime I’m dressed to the nines, refined, and pleased to meetcha Now give my shoes a shine or I’ll tell my suit to eatcha DOC OCK Venom’s veins are filled with ice water Tip top of the police blotter He’ll bear witness to my slaughter When I smash Spider-man with a fly swatter VENOM Doc Ock’s the cock of the walk He’s gonna mock Deathlok like a jock rock shock jock Doc Ock’s crazy like a rabid fox Like he smokes mad rock or ate tainted guac Don’t be shocked if he empties his glock On the old folks home or the flock at Woodstock He wears socks underneath his Crocs And he likes to rock to Ookla the Mok Doc Ock! He’s got so many limbs Nobody can count all the limbs on him. There’s a lot. DOC OCK Eight. VENOM Yeah! Like approximately eight. DOC OCK No. There’s eight. Exactly eight! VENOM That’s what I’m saying! DOC OCK No, it isn’t! VENOM Yeah! DOC OCK Venom: we’re saying two different things. VENOM At least two! DOC OCK I will crush your bones! VENOM Yeah you will! DOC OCK Stop agreeing with me! VENOM I will. I will stop agreeing with you… DOC OCK Venom, you are the worst hype man ever!
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