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Dino-Mike Biggest Fan 
featuring Cara Akemi

Parody to ďBaby, Itís Cold OutsideĒ by Frank Loesser
Copyright 1949 Columbia Records
New lyrics by Dino-Mike & C. Akemi
Copyright 2014 Dino-Mike/ True Hero Productions

Wow, what a nice place
How did you get inside?
Is this an urn or a vase?
How did you get inside?
My name is Cara and IímÖ
Thinking that you should go
Youíre biggest fan.
Thatís nice but it is 3am
Wonít you just sign my CD?
Fine but then you have to leave
A picture or two wonít hurt
Why are you sniffing my shirt?
Can I have this dental floss?
I am gonna call the cops
Donít worry we are both alone
Why doesnít my phone have a dial tone?

Wonít you sign my thigh?
I think youíre sick in the brain
What if I ask with a knife?
Is it with a ďCĒ or a ďKĒ?
I really must lickÖ
ĎKay this is going too far
This Pixie-Stick off your face.
Where the hell did I put my mace?
I think that you should marry me
Well I would have to disagree
Our kids would be our joy and pride
Iíve to find a place to hide
Donít you even tryÖ
The door is jammed so IÖ
C: To go outside!
M: Canít go outside!

Wakey up sleepy-head
Why am I tied to a chair?
You shoulda done what I said
Why are my clothes over there?
It says, ďCara & MikeĒÖ
I feel a little bit sore
Tattooed on your chest.
Oh my God, Iíll need a blood test.
I bet your kisses are divine
Golly jeez look at the time
Your hair just feels so smooth and nice
Itís probably Ďcuz of the lice
I bet in bed youíre quite the stud
Trust me Iím a two-pump-chump
Your drive me nuts, youíre such a tease
Donít get too close I have a disease

My passion canít hide,
Look lady, youíre killiní me,
I wanna crawl inside,
Itís getting so hard to breathe,
Weíll be together whenÖ
Thereís really no freaking way,
Our hips are sewn together.
Thatís not appealing, whatsoever.
Iíll wear your face like a mask,
Wow that escaladed fast,
Iíll eat your heart, absorb your soul,
On second thought, I love you so.
You mean what you said?
Of course letís go to bed.
If Iím not with you, Iíd die. (3x)

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