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Rob Balder Yet Another Stupid Decade - NetHack Turns 20 
This is a commemorative re-release of Rob Balder's NetHack tribute song, with additional voiceover commentary about the greatest computer game ever made. It is a parody of "Pepper" by the Butthole Surfers. Musical arrangement by ShoEboX of Worm Quartet.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-06-29 bruceski
What tune is that? It's on the tip of my brain. Nicely done there.
2007-06-29 Balder
Sorry, I updated the description to include that, and credit to ShoEboX for his tremendous sequencing and arranging.
2007-06-29 shoebox
"I've opened more chests than a MASH unit" = BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
2007-06-29 PsychoHazard
Hilarious! I still remeber playing the VAX/VMS port of an early version of NetHack back in college.
2007-06-29 filkertom
"Upper AND lower case... and several very nasty punctuation marks." Yeah, pretty much. :) I still play Larn (well, actually uLarn, with graphics and everything), my own particular favorite Roguelike. Nice work, guys!
2007-06-29 scarybug
Sadly, NetHack is too complex to work on my Palm. I have to settle for lesser RogueLikes. Like NetHack itself, its tribute song should be under constant development. I look forward to the 25th Anniversary version, with 5 new verses!
2007-06-29 seamonkey
Sad to say I've never played NetHack but I HAVE grooved to much Butthole Surfers music and I really enjoyed the performance there! Thanks for explaining the game in the song too, as soon as I thought, "WTF IS this game? I don't get it..." then you provided the description and I could figure the rest from the song lyrics.
Got any Shinobi songs?
That's what my Duran-Duran-clone-looking @ss was doing 20 years ago!!!
I'm w/ -=ShoEboX=- about the M*A*S*H line... the corners of my mouth DID turn upward! This may be a reissue but it's new to me :)
2007-06-29 wildcard9
Great update to the song. I love the new commentary.
2007-06-29 darkNES
The "ANSI" line is so clutch. Ace work on this.
2007-06-30 BathTub
Nice pair up with 'Less Than Three' too.
2007-06-30 djseamus
"I've seen more dungeons than Torquemada"! A fun little song, I must say....love the droning electric guitar; very Celtic of you! Personally, I used to see how many ways I could die playing Super Mario Bros.
2007-06-30 LoonieBin
Last FuMP of May/June- I knew you'd sneak one in.
2007-06-30 LoonieBin
Last FuMP of May/June- I knew you'd sneak one in.
2007-09-18 NakedBrainStudios
I never thought I would hear a parody of this song.. and on this topic!! You hit that nail perfect!!
2008-02-29 giftedgear
I played Nethack a few times; I kept dying by methods such as "kicking a wall" and "killed by a newt while helpless"; R.I.P. Rob the barbarian.
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