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Worm Quartet Less Than Three This song contains topics that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.  Squeamish people should not listen to this song.
This song has been marked as squick and therefore potentially highly offensive.

I want to hear this song.
This song is now available on the following CDs:
2007-06-26 filkertom
Yowzah. As usual, Shoe, wild and fun and more than a touch disturbing, not merely for the memories it drags up.
2007-06-26 Aleksej
Obligatory: Firefox can be capitalized as "Firefox" or "firefox" (or FIREFOX, if in an uppercase context), not "FireFox". Quote from the FAQ (though the question has been removed recently for some reason or without one): === How do I spell Firefox? How do I abbreviate it? Firefox is spelled F-i-r-e-f-o-x - only the first letter capitalized (i.e. not FireFox, not Foxfire, FoxFire or whatever else a number of folk seem to think it to be called.) The preferred abbreviation is "Fx" or "fx". ===
2007-06-26 devospice
I <3 this!
2007-06-26 Alchav
Quite awesome.
2007-06-26 weirdojace
I <3 you, ShoEboX.
2007-06-26 dino-mike
Very very well done sir. Good to hear fresh stuff so soon after an album release.
2007-06-26 kj
*blink blink* o_O That was disturbing. I applaud you.
2007-06-26 wildcard9
I was disappointed, since given the alternate title of the song, I expected it to be a parody of that song. Otherwise it was a great song.
2007-06-26 madmanOTL
Wow. Great song!
2007-06-27 shoebox
Thanks for the kind words, people. WC - the collective tracks on every album I've released in the last 11 years should've been a subtle hint that I DON'T DO PARODIES. :)
2007-06-27 LoonieBin
If you don't count "Pac-Man." Very...original idea.
2007-06-27 samuel_whyte
F'ing A, That Rocked!
2007-06-28 djseamus
"....a heavenly chorus of angels plays the theme song to
2007-06-29 shoebox
Actually, I started writing this in 2001. Abandoned it for years, finished it last weekened. :) -=ShoEboX=-
2007-06-29 djseamus
Ahh, then Seamonkey must have written "She's Underage" inspired your divine muse. I guess we just answered the old question of the "chicken and the egg". BTW, do you play kazoo? I don't think people give the instrument enough credit...I like it's sound, especialy from metal models. But try to find a metal kazoo anywhere these days and it's like trying to find a needle in a novelty-plastic haystack.
2007-06-29 shoebox
My suspicion is that neither of us is the first to write a song about online sex. And yes, I have a full-on real live metal kazoo. I keep it in my show bag in case anyone demands a kazoo solo.
2007-06-29 scarybug
2007-06-29 seamonkey
I'm just joshing, of course, because Worm Quartet beats the hell outta me anyday! This is another QUALITY recording in stereo by you, I'm becoming a REALLY huge WQ fan, like to the point of stalking almost.
I love you, -=ShoEboX=-, I'm gonna go search for SkankLord9 from your song, you should look for PYT14 from mine!!
(now to create a fake profile and call myself PYT14!! He'll NEVER suspect!! Muahaha... MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh... am I still typing here?)
2007-07-25 Heropa
I have to admit, I'm FuMPed! ... Hello? Is this on? Anyway, I'm done hacking up my spicy kung-pow combo thanks to you, =ShoEbox=. I'm alright, but it almost ruined breakfast. (No, really.) Thankfully I missed the keyboard. So after restarting the track from missing so much -It's hard to hear with peppers in your nose (go fig)- I was compelled to finally register onto FuMP so I can say ow. Yes, I know. I've been on of the tens of people coming to the site from the start, and leaving without feeding you guys' ego pumping acolades...accolades... accolaids? Hey, Cool-Aid! (cough) ... Without fluffing your rods. I figured (rightly) that the site was hot enough to grab hundreds of other twisted perverts (as compared to folded) that would swell your heads. I also figured that too much praise might shift your insecurities and ruin what makes dementia so great. I'm glad to be wrong, and should have know that nothing can sate the wounds made, and still to BE made, by the ironies of fate. Thanks for bringing the funny! Indianapolis says visit GenCon. Stay DeMenTed. And ow. The Riftalope
2007-10-24 SofA's DrunK
This songs rules for those who don't already know. PS. How in the hell do I upload a song?
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