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the great
Luke Ski
MC Freberg 
What if Stan Freberg had done a 45 satirizing rap music?... - Beats by Jared Ringold of Possible Oscar, scratches by Thom Uliasz of Sudden Death.

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2007-06-08 MarlinsGirl
that was awesome, loved Pete Puma.
2007-06-08 A-Log
What a concept! I would see Stan do something like this around 1988 or 1989.
2007-06-08 budsharpe
This is exceptional work.
2007-06-08 devospice
Someone needs to get a copy of this to Stan Freberg. I'm sure he would love to hear it.
2007-06-08 LoonieBin
Heard it on Dementia Radio last night. I couldn't figure out why you were playing all the Stan Freberg bits when you got there, but then it all made sense. Good thing, because otherwise I would've had almost no idea what this was. Well done, it was entirely worth waiting for!
2007-06-08 shoebox
Holy crap. THAT was fun. :)
2007-06-08 The Professor
Wow, that turned out great Luke and Oscar! Thanks for inviting me on this track. Let me know if you ever need any other help, mi turntables es su turntables.
2007-06-08 The Professor
it's nice to hear boysenberry pie gettin its props again.
2007-06-08 seamonkey
If I had to describe in one word: BROOKLYN!
Too bad I can't stop with one word.
This is a glorious jewel in the Luke Ski crown... even without the Freberg parody aspect it's a fun crash-course romp down old skool memory lane (although the memories are about as unintelligible as this song)!
2007-06-08 The Professor
it's nice to hear boysenberry pie gettin its props again.
2007-06-08 bruceski
What do we need to do to make "Public Enemy sings Tom Lehrer" a reality?
2007-06-08 wildcard9
Great bit!! The FuMP gets better with every song, I can't wait for the next CD.
2007-06-08 Barondave
A good take-off on "Banana Boat", though needs some editing and musical immediacy. But mainly: Where's the giant cherry?
2007-06-08 BathTub
Haha, great stuff.
2007-06-08 minkwheel
A loving, extensive, and BRILLIANT homage to one of my inspirations...Mr. Stan Freberg! -- EXCELLENT LUKE!!! -- now, in the words of Bugs Bunny and Pete Puma .... Bugs: HOW MANY FuMPS DO YOU WANT? Pete Puma: BETTER GIVE ME A WHOLE LOTTA FuMPS! --A WHOOOOOLE LOTTA FuMPS!" --minkwheel
2007-06-08 devospice
"A whole lotta FuMPs!" GAH! Why didn't I think of that?!
2007-06-09 Balder
It's astounding that you could pick a wildly obscure combination to mash up, but you created a piece that's funny even if you know nothing about either Freberg or 80s rap. It's funnier if you know one of those, and still funnier if you know both. Really impressive display of craft here, Luke.
2007-06-22 kaosblaze
"The whole pieeeeeeeece...." That's a nice ending to the whole rap farce. Very nicely done, especially Flava Flav's general ineptitude and Stan's directing of the group of acts. Very well done, Luke!
2007-06-30 djseamus
Wow....this is awesome! Is is just me, or did most of the "gibberish" the rappers were supposed to be chanting sound like Yiddish or Hebrew? I have heard very little of Freberg's work but I understand he was a genius. Unfortunately I have heard a lot more from the hip-hop genre then I have from Mr. Frebeg. Props to Lukeski and Sudden Death for satirizing it! I could really go for some boysenberry pie right now.
2007-06-30 djseamus
Oh, and props to Poss. Oscar too...sorry!
2007-09-18 NakedBrainStudios
I love Freburg .. and I love Ski .. and I love this song.. and im not drunk.. yet.
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