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Sudden Death Pillagers 
In the "biting the hand that feeds me" department I present a song poking fun at the pharmaceutical industry. Listen for lots of guest appearances by lots of different people. On this song we have The Great Luke Ski, Possible Oscar, Worm Quartet, Power Salad, and Mei-Ling Uliasz, the lovely wife of Thom Uliasz who did the music.

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2007-06-01 filkertom
Ooooh, a penny! :) Fun stuff, team!
2007-06-01 saganth
LOL! I like the part about liquiplox and alcohol causing an explosion :) This is one of your better ones for sure Tom!
2007-06-01 BathTub
Yeah, this is fun. What's the Time?
2007-06-01 darkNES
oh NICE! In addition to the usual lyrical tightness, the 'announcer voice' delivery of the side effects breakdown is awesome, plus that stutter edit at the beginning is *bad ass*.
2007-06-01 wildcard9
I had to deal with fighting with my new HMO over a prescription renewal the last few days. Very comedic timing for this song to come out in my life. :-)
2007-06-01 dino-mike
WOW! I mean... Wow! This is by far the BEST song I have heard on The FuMP yet. Great job Tom!!!
2007-06-01 lukeski
Go Sal-Ad! Go Sal-Ad! Mezzolest-a! Mezzolest-a! This track is an embodiment of why I love the FuMP. I'm so proud to have been a part of it. This is a slam-dunk, Devo! Your next album is likely to be the best rap dementia album ever released.
2007-06-01 weirdojace
This is amazing!
2007-06-01 budsharpe
I've listened to this about a half dozen times already. I love it!
2007-06-01 seamonkey
I heard this one last nite on Luke Ski's Dementia Radio and INSTANTLY could tell it was destined to be not only a FuMP classic, but one of those, "Yo *insert friend's name here*, you wanna hear some funny rap?" and then pop this one on to represent the greatness of Sudden Death.
We may be witnessing the Sudden Death equivalent of the monolith imparting bone-tools to monkeys... comedy-rap speaking, of course.

No pressure, Spice!
2007-06-01 Alchav
This is a GREAT song!!! That's all I can say!
2007-06-01 Carrie Dahlby
Wow! My life in rap dementia form! Definite LOL on the Beastie Boys ref.
2007-06-01 devospice
Thanks for all the kind words, everyone. This one was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun to put together. I'm glad people seem to be enjoying it.
2007-06-02 PowerSalad
Happy to be a part of this one, a good laugh at a much-needed time. WooHoo! signed, your friendly demented announcer guy
2007-06-02 Dino
Awesome collaboration Devospice and FuMPers! If all the songs were of this caliber, the FuMP would be competing with Weird Al at the Grammies for comedy album of the year! Hmmmm - maybe a WWD Smackdown matchup: Weird Al and his band vs. the FuMP in a locked cage!
2007-06-02 djseamus
In the words of comedian Chris Rock: "The Government doesn't want you to take your drugs, they want you to take THEIR drugs". Timing is everything and this song has it!
2007-06-03 The Professor
we definitely worked overtime on this one, glad to see it being well received! thanks Jared for the intro sounds too!
2007-06-05 madmanOTL
Another great song about something I can't stand to see in this world.
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