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Tom Smith The Most Trusted Man In Nigeria 
Ahhh, money laundering is so much easier with Formula 419. But, even at this late date, some people Just Don't Get It.

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2007-05-08 saganth
*facepalms and bangs head on desk* Oy gevalt... I am glad I do not know anyone like the person in this song!! :))
2007-05-08 devospice
No! I'M the most trusted man in Nigeria! Just yesterday I got an email from Mr. Muhamed Abusalami from the Bank Of Nigeria.
2007-05-08 wildcard9
What they don't tell you is that the money is from the Bank of Monopoly.
2007-05-09 LoonieBin
You know, out of hundreds of spam messages I've received in my lifetime, I've never gotten one of these.
2007-05-10 wannablessedbe
That tune sounds so freakin' familiar, but I just can't place it. Argh! I hate it when that happens.
2007-05-10 filkertom
I soitenly hope not. I THINK it's original....
2007-05-14 jmrubin
(Posted by someone on Usenet) http://www.news.com.au/heraldsun/story/0,21985,21726760-661,00.html According to one of Murdoch's Aussie rags, 75% of people near Brisbane told that they were victims of a 419 continued to send money. By the way, the first time I got a "winning notification" it came 20 minutes after and from the same Spanish IP as a letter from the widow of a dead African ruler. So it was probably the same person. And Googling the winning ticket number, I found that it had been sent by mail-to-news to the Deadheads Usenet group. So I guess all the newsgroup Deadheads have a lifetime's supply of pot and dayglow-painted schoolbuses.
2007-05-19 peterfump9
No, I am the most trusted man in Nigeria, by far! :-)
2007-05-21 buzzlightbeer
HA! Great stuff.
2007-05-27 CWSensation
Sadly, they ~don't~ trust me in Nigeria. Maybe I should give them more money...then they will.
2007-06-07 kgirl1992
"9 time the money that exists in all the banks on earth" lol
2007-07-10 TheCatIsis
I, sadly, work for the Pharmacy at Wal-Mart, and we actually recieved Faxes along those lines. We got about 10 total over the course of 2 weeks. Great song, I'm totally forcing it upon my co-workers!
2007-11-05 djseamus
I am happy to announce, Tom, that "Man in Nigeria...." has become a "Shillelagh Safari W/DJ Seamus" staple....I play it often since you were kind enough to give it a funky, worldbeat edge, and since I think most people with internet access can relate to it. My heartfelt thanks to you for your exellent song-writing.
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