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the great
Luke Ski
It Takes Who 
The Doctor is in, as uber geek "the great Luke Ski" takes on the new 2005-2006 Seasons of "Doctor Who" in this parody of the rap classic "It Takes Two" by Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock! That would be Carrie Dahlby singing the ac-companion-y chorus hook vocal, with music and engineering by 'the Master', Jared Ringold of Possible Oscar. Be sure to tell all your Whovian friends about it!

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2007-03-30 MrTuesday
Awesome! And just in time for the Third Series. Great to finally hear a Doctor Who song from you Luke.
2007-03-30 Fringe
Great job, Luke!!! Just in time for "season 3" too! I especially love how the whoop in the "yeah, whoop" background sounds like the TARDIS. You *may* want to consider posting a spoiler warning for anyone who hasn't seen all of season 1 & 2 yet.
2007-03-30 CaptNova
It's real catchy tune. Just like Fanboy, What's Up Spook, and Shack that Booty, Fangirl.
2007-03-30 budsharpe
Wow, I never saw this one coming! Great job!
2007-03-30 Neobergeron
I haven't seen any Dr. Who (Bad geek! *smack*), but i still loved this track. Great job, Luke. I'm gonna haveta catch up, now. I have played the Dr. Who pinball game, though.
2007-03-30 nickylynnluckes
Seriously can the song be any cooler? Great song:)
2007-03-30 yoyogod
I love it! Of course, Doctor Who is my favorite show, so it would have to suck pretty bad for me not to love it (and believe me, it don't suck!).
2007-03-30 DJ Particle
2007-03-30 BathTub
Phew, I thought it was going to be a Elton John and RuPaul parody there for a moment, good stuff!
2007-03-30 Golem100
Luke, you are the MAN!
2007-03-30 ronnie1969
Even though I have never seen any episode of Dr Who, I still think the song is very well done! Great job everyone!
2007-04-01 troglodyte_who8
this is so cool, i love that u've managed to fit raxacorocophalipotorius into song lyrics - absolute genius! :)
2007-04-06 seamonkey
Ok, I think it's safe to say that there's nothing nerd that Luke Ski can't turn into a great track. It's clever (as usual), it's a hot fanboy button (as usual) and the track is very well produced (... as... usual). I f*cking hate you, Luke. ;)
2007-04-16 TooLazy
This song messed me up for a while. It loaded from my playlist at work, and I had to stop work to listen to it. Then I had to rewind and listen again. Songs that well done should come with "not for work" warnings.
2007-05-22 peterfump9
One of my favorite FuMPs so far
2007-08-17 robin_the_spiffy
Everyone likes Doctor Who
2007-08-17 robin_the_spiffy
Oh and would you ever consider writing a song about the captain Jack spin-off, Torchwood?
2008-04-11 elokkin
Record scratched Daleks = Best. Thing. Ever. Luke, you are my GOD!
2008-06-23 lukeski

Shana's FANTASTIC "It Takes Who" fan video!

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