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Worm Quartet Entire Dog 
"Good things come to those who wait, but so do new Worm Quartet songs." - Anonymous

What has Shoebox of Worm Quartet been doing in the 774 days since the last time Worm Quartet posted a song on The FuMP? Constructing this new two-minute masterpiece by painstakingly recording 155 milliseconds of it every day! Glad you asked? I'll take your concerned stare as a yes. You're welcome.

This song is based on a true story, so if it's stupid, it's because reality is stupid.

All vocals and programming by Shoebox
Last-minute mastering by Devo Spice
Melting by your face

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2016-11-04 Alchav
This song exists.
2016-11-04 Randy MetalWulf
The WHOLE dog? :O
2016-11-04 oddaustin
I wouldn't expect a song that rephrases one observation dozens of times over two minutes to be of this quality. Well done!
2016-11-04 lukeski
Entirely hilarious. Bravo. *stands and applauds*
2016-11-04 EclecticLee
I don't believe that you observed an entire dog. I will believe, however, that you observed the entire SURFACE of a dog over a relatively short amount of time.
2016-11-04 wildcard9
Yes, but what does 1 Dog convert to in the unit of Cat?
2016-11-04 number11
@EclecticLee probably more like half of the surface of the dog.
2016-11-04 number11
I mean, if he just turned the dog around to see the other side, that's just two separate halves of the surface of a dog. Maybe he's talking about a skinned dog, but then our definition of the "surface" of a dog becomes questionable.
2016-11-04 weirdojace
This song perfectly encapsulates the way I feel when I see an entire dog
2016-11-04 EclecticLee
@number11 Yes when he first observes the dog it will probably be approximately half. But he's not normally -- a dangerous word to use in relation to Shoebox, I agree -- going to just see two distinct halves. Rather, he's going to observe new parts of the dog's surface in "slivers" as either he moves around the dog or the dog turns itself. (Or both, I guess.) Thus my specification of "over a relatively short amount of time." Of course, the dog could be standing in front of a mirror, I suppose. Then he might manage to observe almost the entire dog's surface at once if he stood in just the right place. Albeit approximately half would be indirectly.
2016-11-04 number11
If you use a mirror, you see half of the surface of a real dog, and half of the surface of a mirror dog that lives in the mirror dimension.
2016-11-04 Kristi
2016-11-05 EclecticLee
@number11 Oh, is that why the dog in the mirror has a goatee? I was wondering about that.
2016-11-06 Insane Ian
Been waiting since FuMPFeST to hear this song again. All of the joy is mine now,as this song encapsulates exactly how I feel whenever I see a dog.

Every. Single. Time.

2016-11-07 madmanOTL
The entire song is a good as the math in the description.
2016-11-18 nick007
I think this supposed dog was really a caricature Luke Ski did of a moth.
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