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Devo Spice Nothin' But Truth 
featuring Bonecage
Rapper B.o.B made headlines in January when he went on a Twitter rant about how the earth is flat. Neil deGrasse Tyson chimed in and hilarity ensued. I wondered what other ridiculous conspiracy theories he may believe and put some of them in this parody of one of his songs.

Big thank you to Bonecage for the music and the awesome Bruno Mars-like singing.

And remember, people. There are no secret government root kits in this MP3 file that will will install themselves into your brain so they can read your mind. No, really. There aren't. Why would you even think that? I assure you this MP3 file is perfectly safe to listen to.

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2016-04-26 Insane Ian
FINALLY someone makes a song about all the hidden agendas of the world! Perfect.
2016-04-26 madmanOTL
While playing this, a coworker thought I was listening to the original song which I really enjoy hearing.
2016-04-26 mrwompy
Aha!!! I KNEW that Elvis wasn't dead, and you confirmed it!!
2016-04-26 Alverant
Love the digs at the "History" channel. You should take a photo of yourself doing the "ALIENS" pose like that guy with the bad haircut.
2016-04-26 wildcard9
But I can't handle the truth!!
2016-04-26 Bonecage
I liked it except for the brittle chorus singing!
2016-04-28 onib
The Ho-tep shout-out gets me every single time I hear this track. :)
2016-04-30 ldlang
Life? Don't talk to me about life!
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