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The FuMP 1,000 FuMPs 
This is the 1,000th song posted at the Funny Music Project.

On March 31st, 2011, we posted "We Are The FuMP" which featured appearances by dozens of FuMP acts as our 500th file. Today we have officially posted 500 more files since then. Hence, we have now posted 1,000 FuMPs to the Main Page. We know this paragraph is a redundancy of the first sentence of this description, but on this special day, we just can't help but be proclaimers.

As a way to say thank you to all our devoted fans over the past nearly nine years, without whose support we wouldn't have made it to this milestone, we present the following song as our gift to you (again).

The song features members of the following FuMP acts, in order of appearance: Nuclear Bubble Wrap, Steve Goodie, Marc Gunn, the great Luke Ski, Possible Oscar, Smashy Claw, The Consortium Of Genius, The Confabulation Of Gentry, Worm Quartet, Robert Lund, Tony Goldmark, Ookla The Mok, TV's Kyle featuring Lindzilla, Mikey Mason, Dino-Mike, Phil Johnson, Seamonkey / The Boobles, Tom Smith, DJ Particle, Carrie Dahlby, Bonecage, Devo Spice, Power Salad, Carla Ulbrich, and Insane Ian.

Song idea & lyrics by the great Luke Ski
Music, mixing, mastering, & harmony vocals by Bonecage
Poking people with sticks by Insane Ian
Funding for this track from the FuMP made possible by Devo Spice
Special thanks to Jared Ringold

If you'd like links to the 67 different songs specifically mentioned in this track, you can find them all linked on the lyrics page, just click the red lyrics button to go there.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2015-12-11 wackyben86
Epic milestone. Here's to 1,000 more funny songs.
2015-12-11 Insane Ian
So honored to be a part of this song, this site, and this milestone! Here's to a thousand...no, a MILLION MORE!!
2015-12-11 dino-mike
Massive amounts of kudos to Bonecage for mixing this and making us all sounds amazing... Luke, killer lyrics... Ian, you did a kick ass job as the coordinator on this bad boy.
2015-12-11 ldlang
500 thumbs up, heck 1000 thumbs up you all!
2015-12-11 mrwompy
Congratulation on making it to 1000 FuMP songs! (Plus ... there's more on the Sideshow!) Great song collaboration!!
2015-12-11 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Excellent. Now if you idiots would refrain from bothering me for another 500 FUMPs or so, I am in the middle of an extremely delicate feat of surgery.
2015-12-11 PowerSalad
THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!! OKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! Fabulous work everyone! Bonecage did an unbelievable job on the audio on this, it kicks yea verily. Luke, Ian, Jared in advance of the video, thanks to all.
2015-12-11 devospice
This song genuinely gives me chills. Nice work, everybody!
2015-12-11 Bonecage
It was SO much fun hearing and mixing everyone's unique voices into this. I wish I could do stuff like this more often. Awesome song idea Luke, and thanks for including me in the project :P
2015-12-11 wildcard9
Wow, fantastic job everyone!!
2015-12-11 EclecticLee
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Did I mentiom awsome?
2015-12-11 weirdojace
Some pretty badass production here, Bonecage.
2015-12-11 Bonecage
Thanks Jace, but honestly, I didn't have to do too much. Good concept from start to finish, and all the performances worked really well.
2015-12-11 Tzahnke
Spot on! I had no idea what song you were going to parody this time! I was expecting a parody of World Singing Day, World FuMPing Day! Then it could have way more (and I mean hundreds) people than a We Are the World parody! But this worked! Love it! Corned beef and tile!
2015-12-11 seamonkey
I'm sending all my songs to Bonecage to mix and master from now on. I'm pretty sure that's what this song said to me.
2015-12-11 Alverant
Love this song! I've listened to it at least a dozen times today!
2015-12-12 chicagofan76
Congrats to all fUMP members. This is about the only way i get my fix of Comedy music these days. Looking forward to 1000 more. When y'all gonna release some TFA songs?
2015-12-12 STrRedWolf
All of the above, folks. All of the above.
2015-12-13 Todd Chappelle
This song rocks. No, seriously. Congratulations everyone. Here's to 1,000 more songs.
2015-12-14 ProjectSisyphus
Great concept for a 1000th song, well executed by some of the FuMP's best talent. Nice sounding recording as well. Here's to a thousand more.
2015-12-14 Jeff Reuben
This is fantastic. Great job everyone!
2015-12-18 Phil Johnson
I'm just now catching up with this. Came out so great! Congrats everyone!
2015-12-22 ThatCrazyCajun
Amazing way to celebrate such a momentous achievement! Dr. D. would be proud
2015-12-30 carlau
what is a TFA song? too freaking awesome? I thought we'd done that already ;)
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