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Dino-Mike Urban Dictionary 
featuring Bonecage
The parody collaboration that you have all been asking for!!! (Well, maybe not out loud... but we heard you clear as a bell regardless).
This is a song about America's favorite reference site.

Parody to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel

Written & Performed: Dino-Mike & Bonecage
Produced, Mixed and Mastered: Bonecage

"Fump" - this is an activity where someone takes a bath and farts in the tub to make little fart bubbles. The person performing this activity tries to bite the fart bubbles before they pop.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2015-09-11 Tzahnke
Congratulations! After using Urban Dictionary for over seven years, I finally needed a song like this! I knew what many of them met, but I admit, I had to look up "San Francisco Bird Feeder". I didn't know you could put something like that together without going into explicit, or even squick, material! But I guess Bob and Tom did it with a song called The Cleveland Steamer, but you brought it to a whole new level!
2015-09-11 devospice
I've heard a lot of parodies of "We Didn't Start The Fire" over the years, but I honestly think this is my favorite now. Well done. Very funny!
2015-09-11 Bonecage
Yay collaboration!
2015-09-11 Madmike
If you do not know some of the lyrics are you can make yourself a happier person by not looking them up on urban dictionary. Though I may include this song with all links to uran dictionary in the future.
2015-09-11 Tzahnke
I have been coining words for the site since I was 11 years old, so I've been at it for seven years now, and this song finally summed everything up for me.
2015-09-11 JoeActor
It's power packed with words! Good job...
2015-09-11 dino-mike
Thanks everyone for the kind words! It was alot of fun to work with Bonecage on this parody, I'm glad everyone digs it.

If anyone is interested, we are looking for someone to make a kinetic typography video for this.

2015-09-11 Alverant
There's a comedy podcast called "The Whiskey Brothers" of a group of comedians in Texas telling stories and shooting the breeze. Anyway sometimes they play this game called "Race Horse or Sex Act" where they hear a term and have to guess if it's a race horse as registered with the American Thoroughbred Association or a sex act as defined by Urban Dictionary. And if you guess sex act you have to describe it. So I know there are worse terms from UD you could have used. Thank you for not using them.
2015-09-12 Tzahnke
Sometimes I become amazed even by the people who have never heard of Urban Dictionary, but hear slang on the streets. All the ZZ Top fans know what a pearl necklace is, and have since the 1980s. I would say the main ones you missed were blobbity, Dallas Steamer, Seattle Steamer, cump (it's way sicker than their definitions of fump), cornography, foop, shart, crotch fruit, teledildonics, place, (yes, the innocent-sounding word "place" had a very interesting definition in there at one time; I just checked it, it is now the third definition of place; at least the others are better), glob glob job, spigger, gunt, tussy, and my favorite and most demented, money shot!
2015-09-12 madmanOTL
This song will cause many like me to go to the site and then go "ew"
2015-09-12 weirdojace
Love it!!
2015-09-13 carlau
Well done! I have been sitting on a parody idea of we didn't start the fire for so long I'm pretty sure it's no longer relevant. That song is tricky to parody if you try to mirror the rhyme scheme. But I digress. Kudos, and a truly great choice of topic!
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