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Insane Ian Rules of the Road (radio edit) 
When working on songs for my newest album, "Internet Famous" (available now digitally and soon-I-swear physically) I knew I wanted to end the album with a Meat Loaf/Jim Steinman-esque pastiche about driving. I mean, after all, they usually have tons of car symbolism in their songs as it is...why not make a song in that style that's ACTUALLY about cars?

Granted, it's not as long as most Meat Loaf tracks, but it is longer than most songs. So naturally we decided to do a "radio edit" version of the track in the hopes that this version might see some more airplay. I mean, 'cause everyone knows the radio version of "I'd Do Anything For Love (but I Won't Do That)", but the 11 minute album version is like a whole different song. So, here...have a whole different (aka shorter) song than the one on the album. See if you can figure out which Meat Loaf songs we're alluding to here!

Words and music by Ian Bonds and Ben Stahl
(with a line suggestion by Steve Dunn)
Male vocals by Insane Ian
Female vocals by The Stacey
Music and backing vocals performed by Ben Stahl
Traffic report voice over by Chris Mezzolesta
Voice on the phone by Tyson Stahl

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2015-01-20 MarlinsGirl
excellent song, Ian
2015-01-20 devospice
I know this is a radio edit but I really think you missed an opportunity here. You should have made the song 75 minutes long. Then, not only would it be a more accurate Meatloaf song, but we would have had to release it on a special separate companion CD for FuMP 49.
2015-01-20 scifantasy
In my Wasted Youth (nyuk nyuk), I was a huge Meat Loaf fan. Still am, really. Something about the completely overwrought might-as-well-be-opera styling and musicality of it all appeals to me. So, to answer the challenge... The first part is primarily "Bat out of Hell." Though you do name-check "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are" (which has a different, more nostalgia-inspired feel, and so would be a hard thing to integrate muscially). At "Gotta move all the way to the right..." you shift into "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" for the interlude, replacing the Phil Rizzuto baseball section. (And maybe a bit of the Literal Video version of "I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)," which features a traffic copter gag at the start.) After that you don't continue with "Paradise" (you don't do "Do You Love Me" or "Waiting for the End of Time"), but shift into what feels mostly like "Anything for Love" for the close, with a very Meat Loaf point-counterpoint.
2015-01-20 Insane Ian
Great job, scifantasy!

...but you missed one ;-)

2015-01-20 mrwompy
Great song, Insane Ian!! I'm a huge Meat Loaf fan, too. And, in an interesting coincidence, I also have done a Meat Loaf parody that involves driving! (It's on the Sideshow --- search for "Paradise In My GPS".)
2015-01-20 davidtanny
Got to be one of the best tracks produced this year. I played your regular album mix on my show very recently.
2015-01-21 Jadasc
That one that scifantasy missed
2015-01-21 Insane Ian
"Oooh, close, but definitely wrong" - Dr. Peter Venkman.

Sorry Jadasc, you've got the right section, but wrong homage.

I'm waiting for ShoEboX to chime in soon now, lol

2015-01-21 Jadasc
Ah, well. I suppose you'll answer on the FuMPCast tomorrow.
2015-01-22 scifantasy
Propr to ShoEboX for nailing the song I missed (cf. the FuMPCast)! I had thought it was "Anything for Love," but I guess not.
2015-01-22 Insane Ian
@scifantasy, no, you're right, we do reference that, but there is one section (which Jadasc listed) that has yet to be named by anyone here.

Since I didn't say it on the FuMPcast, I'll say it here: The section where I sing "I could've been there by now/I should've been there by now" is a riff on "Home by Now" by Jim Steinman and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Meat Loaf's version is available on his two disc Best Of album.

2015-01-23 scifantasy
Ah. I don't know that one, so I wouldn't have come up with it.
2015-01-23 wildcard9
It's like a Best Of Meatloaf parody all in one song!
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