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Insane Ian I've Never Played FF7 
featuring Ben Stahl
So, I have a confession to make. As many games that I've played, as many RPGs I've poured hour upon hour in to, I've never played what many to consider to be one of the best RPG video games, Final Fantasy VII.

Therefore this song is, in essence, a true story.

To this day, I still have yet to play the game. I have played at least a few games in the Final Fantasy series, but since the games aren't really connected other than title, that doesn't really count. Or...do they? You'll have to listen to the song to find out what I mean. The song itself is a parody of "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz.

This song is of course from my brand-new third studio album, "Internet Famous", available digitally now, with the limited physical edition coming next month.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2014-11-11 wackyben86
Nice parody of a song I was never much of a fan of. I never played FF7 too but then again I never played any Final Fantasy game except for Final Fantasy Legend II on the Game Boy when I was a kid. Only problem is that I had no idea what to do so I sucked at the game badly.
2014-11-11 devospice
That was awesome, dude! Nicely done. I've never played FF7 either. I played FF3 on SNES for a couple weeks back in the day. I rented it. I loved it but I quickly realized what a time-sink it was going to be so I returned it and never played another FF game.
2014-11-11 onib
Top props on the music and mixing. This captured the earworm quality of the original song quite well, and you sound really good here. I hate to admit it, but I'm right there with you. I'm even kinda obsessive about the FF franchise, especially the early stuff. I've played through FF1-6 (translated ROMs of the ones not available in the US), FF8, & FF10 (even FF10-2... yes, the one where you fight by having your female characters change clothes into different outfits). I've even played through some of those several times. Yet somehow, I never got around to playing FF7 - although the near-constant parade of FF7 characters in the Kingdom Hearts games came close to making me want to play through it finally. Still, I understand the gamer shame.
2014-11-11 ldlang
Nicely done II. I haven't really played any video game since maybe the first playstation came out. Before that it was dropping quarters in video game consoles in bars in the late 70s. I do remember Atari games and mastering Asteroids, Space Invaders, etc. in the very early 80s and saying okay that's good I'm done. Trying to figure out game controllers at my age... yuck. I use a PS3 for all kinds of other things television and movie related though. Thanks!
2014-11-11 Alverant
I never played FF7 either so don't feel bad. I saw it on Steam but I think I'll wait for a sale after I finish some other games. Awesome song!
2014-11-11 lukeski
Awesome song! Me no play that game either. #dittocomment
2014-11-12 madmanOTL
I have actually played FF7. One time I rented it, played 20 hours then got stuck and could not figure out what to do next. Anyway, I still enjoyed the song and like the cover to the CD.
2014-11-13 davidtanny
Good artwork on your songs. Very gaming.
2014-12-08 Father Beast
This is why I listen to Insane Ian. Just a wonderfully crafted parody. Probably the first good parody I've heard of this song.
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