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Worm Quartet Math Is Bulls**t This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring Insane Ian
Just another boring July 15th, certainly nothing new going on in the world of comedy music. What a great time for Worm Quartet to return to The FuMP with a new song without having to worry about anything overshadowing its glory!

This is a song about this concept that science jerks made up called "math." It's got these things called "numbers" and these other things called "operands" and science jerks "use" them to do "calculations," which they think makes them superior to everyone else. Trust me, I spent four years in an engineering curriculum learning this stuff, and it's all just total garbage. I can't believe we're teaching our kids this crap. I mean, if Irving has nine apples and Johnny takes three, Irving should tackle Johnny and kick him in the throat instead of just sitting there enumerating his remaining produce while Johnny scampers back to the ghetto to trade his ill-gotten fruit for crack. But I digress, as it has now taken you longer to read this than it will take to listen to the song, which features Insane Ian and a bunch of profanity and synth noises because that's what Worm Quartet is.

The profanity and synth noises, I mean, not Insane Ian. Insane Ian's appearance is an anomaly.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2014-07-15 Insane Ian
I finally did a song with ShoEboX!

I consider this song the origin story as to why I'm so terrible at math.

2014-07-15 Madmike
I think the square root of a bear is a raccoon. I also believe the average of a sunset and dirt is pop rocks.
2014-07-15 wildcard9
To quote Barbie: Math is hard!
2014-07-15 seamonkey
This song is bullshit. The "explanation" of the song written above is almost longer than the song itself, and Ian practically stammers some of his lines! Plus, Math is my mom, and when you say something about my mom, it's ON! Ok, ok... the song is great, I'm just jealous of your synths and profanity for ALWAYS getting to appear on your songs and there's no room for a Seamonkey. Fuck, shit, and beep-boop-boop!
2014-07-15 ldlang
Let's see now, a remark from Seanmonkey and Insane Ian and Madmike and Wildcar9, but nothing from a number like Devo Spice or a fraction like the Great Luke Ski. I wonder what it all adds up to. Probably a solid piece of taco cheesecake with a side of ham. Thanks.
2014-07-15 mrwompy
Does a bear do math in the woods?
2014-07-15 lukeski
Ironically, this song will be #1 on various comedy music countdowns. Congrats to ShoEboX for coming up with this prime number. :)
2014-07-18 dino-mike
This is awesome!
2014-07-18 carlau
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