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Kranken Welpen Der Fuehrer's Face 
The song is "Der Fuehrer's Face", a banned Disney song later made popular by Spike Jones and now brought to you in heavy metal polka style by Kranken Welpen, Southern California's German / American heavy metal polka band.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2014-07-04 wackyben86
This is awesome. I'm sure Spike himself would approve of this.
2014-07-04 scifantasy
For those who are interested, my guess on the German at the start, is that after "Eins zwei drei vier" (1,2,3,4; not really a guess, that), the last line is "Du bist verr
2014-07-04 MarlinsGirl
excellent song.
2014-07-04 Insane Ian
This is fantastic. So glad you contacted us on Facebook!
2014-07-04 devospice
I freakin' love this!
2014-07-05 lukeski
Those who have been following me for a long time know that this song is a long time dream of mine made real, a heavy metal cover of "Der Feuhrer's Face". Thank you so much for submitting it! :D
2014-07-07 Kranken Welpen
We'd like to think old Spike and Walt Disney, too, would have enjoyed this, and we're glad all of you do! To the one who figured out the "you are crazy my child, yes you are crazy", that was added from something my grandmother used to sing to us. Also, "Where were you when the lights went out? Down in the cellar eating sauerkraut" was also an addition from something my father used to say. Those lines had to be approved for the rendition, and the copyright holder happily accepted the additions. I mean, they were completely necessary, right? :P
2014-07-07 djseamus
I have never heard of this group before, but when I read "Southern California's German / American heavy metal polka band" in the description of the song, my eyes grew wide with giddy-ness. Kranken Welpin, this is a HELL of a cover. You just earned yourself a spot on the airwaves at "The Radiator" 105.9-FM WOMM-LP Burlington in Vermont. (www.theradiator.org). I broadcast "Shillelagh Safari with CelticED" (should probably change my FUMP username now) every tuesday 6-8pm E.S.T. Heil polka/metal! On an additional note I hope you use those bulb horns in your next song. :^)
2014-07-07 Kranken Welpen
Danke schon, djseamus! You can contact us at krankenwelpen@aol.com, and we hope you do, we'd love to learn more about the Radiator and any other car parts, too. We have a full CD, and we have a new single we are debuting that we'd love to share that is a polka metal rendition of Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5. It's about our deep love of gypsies in ze old country (lots of sarcasm, mwahaha, but the song, she is very real). It even features a 3 time world champion accordionist. For reals. Ja. Email us :D
2014-07-09 scifantasy
"If you like Hungarian food, they have a goulash which is very goud..."
2014-07-10 Brother Osric
So what's next? A Strauss waltz cover of "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park"?
2014-07-10 Kranken Welpen
Wouldn't that be nice? We were hoping for a death metal version of the Periodic Table song.
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