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New Orleans SteamCOG Orchestra (They Don't Make) Airships (Like They Used To Anymore) 
featuring Capt. John Sprocket (The Cog Is Dead)
For good or bad, it seems that NOTHING is made quite like it used to be... and that includes such staples as airships, fashion, energy and music alike.

Fortunately, there are still folks out there brave enough to stand up for the ways of days gone by - call us luddites, throwbacks, or Steampunks - and we are ready to defend the things that SHOULD be upheld in these anti-traditional times!

lead male vocal: Prof. Milo R. Pinkerton
lead female vocal: Formelda Hyde-Pinkerton
guest male vocal: Capt. John Sprocket (The Cog is Dead)
piano: Impersario Vladimir Konstantin
tuba: Artimus d'Ossche'
xylophone, glockenspiel: Mahmoud Muhammad Akbar
trombone: Prof. Kikker von Froggsworthy
trumpet: Dr. Stanley Beauregard Hays
banjo: Sgt. Shellshock

recorded at C.O.G. Secret Lab by Lewis D'Aubin

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2014-02-18 wackyben86
Love it.
2014-02-18 mrwompy
Excellent song -- loved it! (And you know what? They don't make cameras like they used to anymore, either! I can't figure out how to get the film out so I can take it to the drug store and get it developed.)
2014-02-18 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Grandfather, one day you will realize there is a REASON they don't make these things anymore - and your crude crackpot crooning will not change these matters in the slightest! As for YOU, Formelda - I'm onto your little game - don't think that you'll bilk granddad out of the inheritance that easily!
2014-02-19 lukeski
Bully! Good show, ol' chaps and m'lady!
2014-02-20 wildcard9
Fantastic song, Professor! It is a disturbing problem, and I, for one, am glad someone is calling attention to it.
2014-02-20 Prof. Milo R. Pinkerton
I thank you all very much for your kind indulgence, ladies and gents! However, the question about obtaining hydrogen is still unanswered. If anyone can help with a good source of the stuff, I would be most obliged (and I'll thank you to not bring up 'fracking'; this is, after all, a family forum.)
2014-06-23 djseamus
Jolly good, Sirs and Madam! I agree that they, in-fact, do not make ANYTHING like they used to anymore. I do not consider myself knowledgeable in the world of steampunk, but I must admit I love antique shops and anything victorian......back then goods and services were maid to last! And this is showing my age, but now that I'm my early thirties I'm beginning to talk like this more and more (the reminiscing part....not with a British accent, though i do have a jolly good one when prompted). Your old-fangled ditty shall no doubt make it on to the air-waves in Vermont this summer.
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