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the great
Luke Ski
Fake Adult 
Today is my 40th birthday.

Final mix & Garageband mastery: TV's Kyle
Fake adults: TV's Kyle, Lindsay Smith, Devo Spice, Insane Ian, Carrie Dahlby, & ShoEboX
Authentic children: Lauren Spice & SteveBox

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2014-01-14 Insane Ian
Yay! You're a person who is different than your age says! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
2014-01-14 Madmike
This is a catchy tune and Lauren sounded good in the tune. Someone stop her before she becomes a comedy musician like her dad. Happy birthday Old Man Luke.
2014-01-14 Carrie Dahlby
This made me LOL. Yes, this amused ME. Happy birthday!!! Love ya man!!!
2014-01-14 gamerchick
This is awesome.
2014-01-14 onib
Fantastic work. The desolate wind sound effect was a particularly nice touch. This deftly captures the reality for many geeks of a certain age. I'll be joining you in the big 4-0 in a fortnight, and I know what song will be stuck in my head for quite a while. Happy Birthday!
2014-01-14 devospice
That came out cool. Odd that's Spot's FuMP debut was on one of your songs and not mine.
2014-01-14 EclecticLee
Go, Spot! Nice job! (And you too, Luke.)
2014-01-14 wildcard9
Getting older is mandatory. Growing up is still optional.
2014-01-14 mcamou
This is my new anthem.
2014-01-14 shoebox
I recorded my stuff and Steve's before I got to hear the actual song. This is fantastic. Instantly one of my favorite Luke Ski songs. And thanks to Luke and Kyle for warping time and space to retcon Steve's vocal participation. -='Box=-
2014-01-14 BrickJAK
Happy birthday Luke. Still find it amusing you're almost as old as me ... yet I still think of you as that "young kid on stage" at Dragon*Con.
2014-01-14 mrwompy
Happy birthday! 40 years old? I have to stretch my mind to remember back that far. Great song!
2014-01-14 davidtanny
Happy birthday Luke. Hope all is good.
2014-01-14 Alverant
Happy birthday, Luke. As someone who turned 40 last month, welcome to the club. We're still young at heart. Don't let time change you. Stay yourself. This is for everyone else because I know Luke already knows this.
2014-01-15 Barrybear316
Happy birthday Luke! You're actually speaking for a whole generation. And giving an earworm in the process.
2014-01-15 chicagofan76
Happy B-Day Luke.
2014-01-16 dino-mike
Great song here Luke! Well done!
2014-01-16 Prof. Milo R. Pinkerton
Feel young NOW? Just wait until you're 140 like I am, you whippersnapper! At any rate, congratulations.
2014-01-17 matman42
Oh good I'm not the only one who doesn't feel qualified for my age, which will be 40 later this year.
2014-01-18 Father Beast
As a way of refusing to grow up, I only call guys who are older than me, "Son." I also make sure to call out every time some older fellowstarts pulling a "when I was your age" story. It is always cool to see the look of indignation when I tell some guy clearly a decade or more older than me, "When I was your age, SON, we didn't have froklifts, we stuck our arms in the pallets." Yeah, I'm older than Luke, and I'm not sure if I will ever grow up.
2014-01-20 smyle
Similar to what wildcard said, I'm fond of saying "they can make me be an adult, but they can't make me be a grown-up"
2014-01-22 Brother Osric
I second onib -- great conclusion! "It's only a tetragenarian wasteland...." Great song, Luke. If this is the paradigm for your new album, I look forward to hearing the other songs! (Well, all right, I would anyway; but I want to see how you follow this path. "For forever will it dominate your destiny"...one hopes NOT.
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