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Tony Goldmark Movie In A Movie (Love Theme From All Critics Must Die) 
In June of 2012, eleven internet reviewers converged upon San Francisco, CA and spent two weeks performing the unthinkable - writing, producing, directing and starring in their very own movie! Count Jackula, The Horror Guru, Arthur Knowledge, Ivan Golarion, Spazz Master, The Wire, Il Neige, Stephan Krosecz, Mikey Insanity, Chris The Nerd, and me, Tony Goldmark, aka Some Jerk With A Camera.

The deconstructors became the constructors. The geeks became the geeked. And hopefully, the viewers will become the viewed.

Because soon, after too many long, long months of dark otherworldly forces stifling its release, our independent horror-fantasy-comedy ALL CRITICS MUST DIE will finally be uploaded upon an unsuspecting internet SOON! I don't know when exactly, but SOON!

And as a special advance Black Friday treat, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the END CREDITS THEME SONG of that very movie! Grab hold of something, ready your "devil horns" hand sign, and brace yourselves for the sheer epicness of "MOVIE IN A MOVIE (LOVE THEME FROM ALL CRITICS MUST DIE)!"

ALL CRITICS MUST DIE official site coming soon! Check out its trailer RIGHT HERE!

Music and Lyrics by TONY GOLDMARK
Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by GARTH WEBBER


(Note: this film has no affiliation with the similarly-titled horror-comedy STUPID TEENAGERS MUST DIE, directed by Jeff Smith of fellow FuMP act Raymond & Scum. In fact, I tried to talk the other guys out of that title due to the similarity, but I was overruled)

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2013-11-29 wildcard9
I'll give that song two thumbs up!! Great song, Tony
2013-11-29 wildcard9
The review of the trailer is in from Jay Sherman: to quote - "It stinks!" :-)
2013-12-01 lukeski
After all these years, you still hate "Kangaroo Jack". As we all should. :) Great song!
2013-12-03 Phil Johnson
Nice job Tony... It reminds me of the type of closing credits song that would have gone in a Corey Haim/Feldman movie. :)
2013-12-07 artpaul
To be honest there is no reason why I should like this song based on how you have treated my song Have A Peanut Butter Sandwich and what you said to me on the phone when I released a similar song to yours having not known or heard your song. But despite your taste in my music and whether you believe the same things I do I really did enjoy this song. So much I listened twice and I think I will be listening to it a couple more times. It's not boring and the lyrics were well thought over and the music sounds very good. If this song is any indication on how good the movie is maybe I might like the movie too. Glad to see your still song writing and hopefully I won't write any more songs similar to yours that will make you angry at me even if I still write ones you don't like.
2013-12-08 TonyGoldmark
Sorry about that - it was a years ago and I was kind of a dick back then.
2013-12-15 Blasted Bill
At 1st I thought you got the idea for this song from Penn Jillet's new movie "Director's Cut." Very similar Idea.
2013-12-15 TonyGoldmark
Bill - I wrote this song over a year ago, but yeah, I see what you mean. Great minds, I guess.
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