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Insane Ian Super Monkey Ball 
This song is a parody that was suggested by a friend of mine, and it was just too perfect and had to be done.

I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.

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2013-11-12 lukeski
(Looks at the pic of the chimp staring at Miley's butt, writes Beastie Boys parody:) Ass Monkey! Badunk-y Monkey! ... I mean, excellent song, Ian! ;D
2013-11-12 MarlinsGirl
2013-11-12 devospice
Yaaaay! And that picture is perfect. Why didn't you include it in the MP3?
2013-11-12 EclecticLee
Ian, don't apologize unless you do a video with you riding the ball naked. Only then you must apologize. Heavily!
2013-11-12 madmanOTL
Very glad that the monkey was added to the pic rather than Ian. I am glad that the song is not a parody to me.
2013-11-12 psywildfire
Lee: we've already seen him mostly naked in a Katy Perry parody. DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM!
2013-11-14 EclecticLee
I was assuming, psywildfire, that since he's already done it once, he's already thinking about it again. I was trying to DIScourage him.
2013-11-14 Insane Ian
Hate to be the barer (see what I did there?) of bad news, but there already are plans for a video. How exposed I'll be remains to be seen...

And psywildfire, I'm not sure if I'm flattered or disturbed that you thought that was my body on Katy Parody. That was just my face superimposed on her body...I mean, my ass in nice...just not THAT nice. :-)

2013-11-16 dino-mike
Thank you for reminding me why I love parodies Ian =)
2013-11-20 dlunas
Hey, just keep it tasteful, and I"m sure it'll be as perfect as your Bob-omb video was. Also, can you do an Elmer Fudd voice?
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