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Bonecage Soup Beans and Cornbread 
featuring Devo Spice
Everyone had a food they despised when they were a kid. You'd come home from school, and it would be cooking on the stove, the smell causing horror to well up inside your tiny little brain... this was mine.

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2013-04-26 Insane Ian
Another awesome song! VERY Primus-y bassline.
2013-04-26 garnsr
Primus and Presidents in this one. Does it bother you if people say your songs sound like other peoples' songs? I'd guess not, you said you were doing a bunch of Jonathan Coulton type songs, and I'd guess you go for sort of soundalikes, but maybe it does irritate you, and I'll stop saying your songs sound like other groups I like. Although, I like your stuff that doesn't sound like anyone I can think of, too.
2013-04-26 Bonecage
Lol, no it doesn't bother me. Maybe if you said I sound like some shitty band that everyone hates, but I like PUSA and Primus. Funny how many people say I sound like PUSA though. This is like the 6th time I've heard that.
2013-04-26 mrwompy
Great song! (But I love cornbread -- my parents made it in a cast-iron frying pan, and it was delicious!)
2013-04-26 Insane Ian
I'm a HUGE (*HUGE*) PUSA fan and I don't think your stuff sounds like them. I love them, and I love your stuff, but I don't hear the similarities...
2013-04-26 Bonecage
Yea I actually agree. I never really got it either, but nonetheless, heard it several times.
2013-04-26 onib
This had some rockin' instrumentation. I have a feeling it's going to be stuck in my head for a long while... plus now I think I have to go have tacos for lunch.
2013-04-26 devospice
Dammit, Onib! You're going to ruin everything with your Mexican cuisine!
2013-04-26 onib
Well, Devo, I've accepted that I have a problem (since that's the first step and all). I've come so far from my Mexican food addiction after fighting to get over the COG's Taco Supremo... but now with two melodious sirens calling to me, how could I possibly resist a run to the border? I'm just one man! Also, you did fantastic work here. I didn't notice your byline before listening, so I suddenly did a double-take when your section started. ("Wow, you know, that sounds an awful lot like... holy crap, that IS Devo!")
2013-04-26 garnsr
It may be more the voice that sounds like Chris Ballew to me than the music. This isn't the first Bonecage song that made me think of PUSA, though.
2013-04-27 oddaustin
Your stuff continues to be funny and very well produced. What DAW do you use?
2013-04-27 Bonecage
Thanks man, I appreciate it. I use Reaper.
2013-04-29 dino-mike
This is freaking awesome!!!
2013-05-01 Not Necessary
I have no pithy things to say... Music Good!
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