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the great
Luke Ski
When You Wish Upon A Death Star 
In 2009 when it was announced that Disney bought Marvel, I quickly posted a song about it at the FuMP .com called "Marvel Poppins", which the fans really seemed to enjoy.

Three weeks ago when it was announced that Disney bought Lucasfilm, known primarily for the "Star Wars" franchise, within hours I was inundated with emails, texts, tweets, and Facebook messages from people demanding that I do a follow up song on this topic, including an email inquiry from Dr. Demento himself. And with that I said, "Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go."

So, with the Star Wars franchise's history of making alterations to their films and re-releasing them into theaters, I present to you now a sneak preview of what to expect the next time you go to the cinema to see the saga again under it's new mouse-ear-hat-wearing, pixie-dust-laiden management. You're welcome.

Music by Supreme Chancellor Bob Emmet
Guest vocals by Princess Carrie Dahlby
and Prince Chris Mezzolesta of Power Salad

If you're interested in hearing any of my 11 previous "Star Wars" related songs, or my 4 previous "Disney" related songs, check out my Artist Page at the FuMP, or visit my website the great Luke Ski .com.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2012-11-20 weirdojace
As a hardcore Disney fan, this makes me incredibly happy. And thank you for throwing Jar Jar out of a window.
2012-11-20 Blasted Bill
OMG i died laughing on the way to work!!! that was awesome!
2012-11-20 Carrie Dahlby
OMG yes, so well done, and thanks Chris for making it extra awesome, and holy crap Bob.... wow! Just wow!
2012-11-20 wildcard9
Wonderful stuff!! I can't wait to see audience reactions when this is done at cons.
2012-11-20 Insane Ian
So. Much. Win. Luke truly is the chosen one...
2012-11-20 Phil Johnson
This is waaaaay awesome. "I've got a Fett in me" made me snort. You put a lot of work into that one Luke. Good job. :)
2012-11-20 dino-mike
Wow, dude... this is seriously impressive, especially given the time restraints. I must give a standing ovation to Bob for knocking it out-of-the-park in such a quick amount of time too. Great job all involved.
2012-11-20 ProjectSisyphus
Wow nice job putting this all together Luke, and thanks Mike and Carrie for the accolades. I think I hear some of Chris Mezzolesta's amazing vocals in there too, no?
2012-11-20 filkertom
Okay, that's freakin' hysterical. Major props to Carrie and Chris, minor godhood to Bob, and... Luke. My man. Only a whack job like you could conceive of this, and thank the Force you did. Just excellent.
2012-11-20 onib
Holy crap is this ever intricately epic! Everything was perfectly woven together. I guffawed at the New Groove reference, but was blown away by the character scat singing. Did you actually vacation during your Disney vacation or just spend it furiously crafting this masterpiece?
2012-11-20 seamonkey
Goddammit this is supreme Luke Ski at its finest! Was that a singing Sarlacc? Remember folks, Luke Ski shot first.
2012-11-20 oddaustin
The best Luke Ski is the long-form, multi-parody, super-goddamned-ambitious Luke Ski. Well done, guys.
2012-11-20 seamonkey
Goddammit this is supreme Luke Ski at its finest! Was that a singing Sarlacc? Remember folks, Luke Ski shot first.
2012-11-20 mrwompy
Wow -- this is a masterpiece! And you are obviously a master at anything related to Star Wars!
2012-11-20 madmanOTL
I am so glad to hear this. Everything in this piece was done so very well I would have never guessed how quickly this was made.
2012-11-20 Danny D
I notice there are currently two songs on the main page that draw on "This Is Halloween".
2012-11-21 Uncle Lumpy
"Asphyxiate JarJar"... What a wonderful phrase.
2012-11-21 Zel_et_al
I could identify NEARLY every song used in this TRULY AWESOME compilation. SO BRILLIANT!!! I was BOPPING along with "I Wanna Be Like Yoda" cuz Phil Harris (Baloo) & Louie Prima (King Louie)did such an outstanding job on the Original!
2012-11-21 OregonRob
OMG... So funny!
2012-11-27 artpaul
It's Brilliant ! Why didn't I think of that ?
2012-11-30 voiceroy
[applauds] When it comes to Star Wars spoofs, Luke, you are a master lyricist.
2012-12-10 TheDrDon
Curious. I was not aware that Disney or Lucas owned "Burn Notice". Or did you just throw that line in because it fit?
2013-01-06 carlau
wow- that may be the most songs per medley i've ever heard. impressive in more ways than one!
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