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Devo Spice In The 80s 
Every generation complains about the one that follows. They lament how things were better back in "their day", be it the 1930s, 1950s, or in my case, the 1980s. The 80s were my time, to quote The Goonies. Back when women had huge hair and wore ankle socks, which, for the record, I still find sexy. So now it's my turn to complain about how much better things were back then. Except I'm not sure I really believe it.

Music by Beaker. Background singing (that is, the good singing) by Chris Mezzolesta. Mixing and mastering by Steve Goodie. Guest vocals in the middle by Mur Lafferty, The Princess Scientist, Chris Mezzolesta, and Steve Goodie.

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2012-08-21 MarlinsGirl
I can totally like relate to this song.
2012-08-21 wildcard9
Great song. Loved the chorus music. My time was mid-to-late 70's and early 80's, so I can't really claim either generation. How did we survive back them without the internet?
2012-08-21 seamonkey
SHARING! Devo Spice does it again! VI-DE-O! VI-DE-O! VI-DE-O!
2012-08-21 Jeff Reuben
This is fantastic! Hilarious trip back...
2012-08-21 ldlang
Oh yes the 80s. What do I remember about that time, well I finally got a full time job. Then I went to school to learn my profession after dropping out of college (for what I thought was the last time). Several moves, several states and a huge lack of dating 'cause it just wasn't my time to I guess. My decade likely would be the 70s. Thanks for filling in what I was too busy to note myself Devo. Keep up the nice work. Oh yes, I too love the internet, it makes reaching out to others so easy in many ways. But that is that small distance we've seemed to acquire.
2012-08-21 critter42
Heh, there wasn't a reference in this song that wasn't relatable. Awesome song
2012-08-21 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Great job! ... but come on, we DID have worldwide social online networking back in the day... it was called BBS!
2012-08-21 lukeski
Another hit from Devo Spice! Great job!
2012-08-21 mrwompy
Dr. Pinkerton, regarding BBS ... I thought of the same thing as I was listening to this song! And, even with a 300-baud modem, you could download nude pictures of women. They were made with alphanumeric characters. You printed them out on your dot-matrix printer, and if you stood back far enough when you looked at them, they looked pretty good!
2012-08-22 dino-mike
This song is AMAZING and totally relatable! Gotta say Devo, your flow on this song is STELLAR! Like, fantastic!
2012-08-22 devospice
Thanks, everyone! I'm really happy with the way this track came out.

And for the record yes, I'm aware that the internet existed in the 1980s, but it wasn't a part of our lives like it is now. I first got online some time in the 80s using a Prodigy account that my father had but I rarely used it. My main introduction to the internet came in either late 1991 or early 1992 in college when I signed on to our school's VAX system to use email and usenet. I've been hooked ever since.
2012-08-22 onib
This was really amazing. Great quality all around. The lyrics really ring true for those of us of a certain age. There's a lot I miss from the 80s, but plenty more from today that I wouldn't want to give up. Also, speaking of sexy 80s fashion, I miss women in vests and hats. Mmmm.
2012-08-22 onib
Oh, for the sake of appropriate nostalgia, I had to run the text of your write-up for this song through the Valley URL at 80s.com and was amused that Chris Mezzolesta & Steve Goodie had their names translated to Geeky Mezzolesta & Mondo Hunk Goodie.
2012-08-22 STrRedWolf
Oh man, the chorus... totally reminded me of Bruce Springstein's "Glory Days."
2012-08-22 STrRedWolf
Ooooh the days of WWIVnet and FidoNet...
2012-08-22 Insane Ian
I'm pretty sure the chorus is meant to be a "interpolation" (that's how the rappers put it when they sample a song and change the lyrics but don't outright parody the whole track) of "Glory Days".

Excellent track, Devo. Makes me miss bein' a kid in the 80s...

2012-08-23 wackyben86
Great song. This makes me wish I lived through the 80s so I could enjoy the old days of playing arcades and enjoy the good old syndicated cartoons but oh well.
2012-08-28 Balder
This is a game raiser for sure!
2012-08-31 chicagofan76
This beat out Friday (The 13th)for best comedy song of 2012. Thanx. Had we had the internet in the 80's life would have been perfect.
2012-09-03 batlrar
I completely thought this was going to be a parody of "In the Navy" when I first read the title. I'm kind of glad it wasn't, since this was awesome! Still, somebody get on that parody.
2012-10-12 vampireanarchy
i was born in 1989 so im more of a 90s kid but i get alot of the stuff in the song this has to be the best devo spice song and seeing as this is the first time i comment on a song it must be a good song to get me to comment
2012-12-01 voiceroy
Devo is my hero.
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