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Art Paul Schlosser Google 
It's a song about using the Google search engine
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2012-09-18 lukeski
Welcome to the main page of the FuMP, Art Paul! I'm very happy to have you here! :)
2012-09-18 wildcard9
Why does the song file say this is by David Labedz if this is actual by Art Paul?
2012-09-18 grazetheskylines
2012-09-18 coandco
Ok, seriously, that was one of the most painful things I've ever heard on the site.
2012-09-18 critterwmn
LOVE IT! Great song, Art Paul!
2012-09-18 dino-mike
Booze mixes well with a lot of things... microphones aren't one of them.
2012-09-18 PowerSalad
I'm not sure what this song is about, I'll have to go look it up. :-) Wheeeeeeeeeeee!! Loved it!
2012-09-18 weirdojace
And then I saw that this was a main page song and not the sideshow, and then I was all like, "...oh."
2012-09-18 artpaul
Okay Wildcard9 to explain.The song is me and my guitar and kazoo with my lyrics and David recorded it and added special effects to the song.To everyone else tahnks for the comments ! To dino-mike I'm sorry you think I'm on booze I never touch the stuff. This is just clean silliness.
2012-09-18 artpaul
Oh and I should mention without David Labedz help making the wave file and mp3s up to the standard that the fump requires I wouldn't be on the front page
2012-09-18 majorb
Your song contains a sufficient number of proper nouns from popular culture, I especially enjoyed the wide variety of pronouns you chose. I use Google every day, and I recognized its name in your song. Upon recognizing it, I remembered that Google is a thing that I use every day. I also recognized the names of popular singer Lady Gaga and popular golfer Tiger Woods. Hearing those names allowed me to say "a-ha, I know what those things are!" Implying that Tiger might be gay was also clever, as homosexuality is controvertial so people will think "wow, Google might say that popular golfer Tiger Woods is gay! That's a trait in someone that I have heard of before and know that Tiger may not like being called gay!" However, I definitely can think of more things you can say that people would recognize. for example, you could have googled for brussels sprouts, a popular vegetable that many people would recognize. You could probably have followed that up with the observation that they don't taste very good. You could have also Googled "Avatar," a popular film that many people would be delighted to hear the name of in your song. You could probably have followed this up with a jape about Googling blue people, as then your audience would laugh to themselves because they know that the film did indeed feature blue characters! I also enjoyed that you delivered the requisite amount of wacky voices and purposefully awkward lyrics to create an impenetrable shield of irony around your song. Overall, bravo.
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