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Komrades Oppression Group Sell Your Body For Revolution This song contains language that may be objectionable to some listeners and may not be suitable for radio broadcast.
featuring Consortium Of Genius

In 2011 ve come to America to find who is to blame for our suffering in Filbertistan. We identify Consortium of Geniuses as cause of our problems and vow to exact revenge. In 2012 ve hav taken beloved scientist leader Dr. Pinkerton hostage and forced him to produce hit record, to raise capital for communist takeover.
Consisting of guitar player/prostitute Nastya Petrolbreth, keyboardist/ironworker Ivan Stroganoff, and bassist/spokesman Sasha Sleepsindych, K.O.G. has decided to set up main base of operations in restroom of the local Red Star Chinese Restaurant (which still bigger than quarters back home). From here, ve vill lead proletariat masses through music in bid to annex the city of New Orleans for Glorious Home Nation, and for Party, all while continued struggle against the so called "Evil Capitalist Masterminds": The Consortium of Genius.
In July, Komrades Oppression Group realize that ve not going to be able to get away with continuing to eat at the Red Star merely by washing dishes in the kitchen, and hurriedly ve recorded this 'pop single' in an effort to raise money and convert young Americans to cause. Our plan backfired, unleashing a deadly wave of sexually transmitted diseases which practically halved population of the city of New Orleans within a year, though ve still hope for top of Eurovision chart.

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2012-07-20 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
People! Help me fight these terrorists... please, do NOT listen to this! You'll only encourage them and fall into their schemes. These people are EVIL, and... hey, wait, I'm evil too, so that makes, them... WELL NEVERMIND, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T GIVE INTO THEIR DEMANDS!!!
2012-07-20 wildcard9
How dare the KOG kidnap Dr Milo T. Pinkerton!! This means war!! Fellow SPROCKETS members, battle stations!! Time to take the KOG down!!
2012-07-20 devospice
I will never bow to the KOG! My loyalty is only to the COG and will only ever be to the COG!
2012-07-20 Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III
Keep up the protests! RESISTANCE IS USEFUL!!!
2012-07-20 PowerSalad
Is room for only *один* glorious Soviet musikal collective on FuMPchev. Moneyshot Cosmonauts premier and much nice Cat-winning bandistan on FuMPchev. Da!
2012-07-21 mrwompy
Wow!!! That was really kinky, in a really kinky kind of kinky ...
2012-07-21 nastyapetrolbreth
You seeleey Amerikans, ve vill haf total dominashun soon, starting with ze keednapping of scieenteest, Peenkerton. He vill create weepons for us to kontrol government. Ve haf good information from Rush Man Radio that US is neerlee Communeest now. Ve do not know how paying monee for helthcare ees socialieest, or why there is no forced labor wheen deetained unjustlee by government, but ve vill feex that! All vill be deetained unjustlee vis all "healthcare" performed by Nastya!
2012-07-21 nastyapetrolbreth
Moneeshot? Nastya know all about Moneeshot! Are you band like dog Lika? Nastya shoot you to moon!
2012-07-21 Adam
20 Rubles = 0.63 US Dollars At 99 cents for this song, I expect the promised "Chernobyl" action along with 36 cents change.
2012-07-21 nastyapetrolbreth
Adam cheep man, you pay full price for revolution! As you Amereekans say Freedom eeseent Free! Inflation make Chernobyl action 1.15 USD! Ees tough eecomeemee! I throw in free "steemulus pakage!"
2012-07-21 weirdojace
I like the effect on the guitars.
2012-07-21 nastyapetrolbreth
Ees Sovtek played weeth eefect of methane gas released by holes in frozen leed of seabed permafrost. Wheen I say "seebed permafrost", I reelee meen Sasha's posteereeor.
2012-07-22 DJ Particle
All I can think of is: "Damn, Almighty DJ Milla would have LOVED this song!"

Well done!
2012-07-22 STrRedWolf
But where is moose and squirrel?
2012-07-22 DJ Particle
Seriously! I could see Milla saying, "I bow to the KOG! Назтаровя!" :)
2012-07-23 PowerSalad
To moon??!! To Moon??!! "TO MOON, ALLISKYA!!"
2012-07-25 dino-mike
This is neat sounding!
2012-07-27 nastyapetrolbreth
Stupeed Capeetalist DeeJay! Ve are best ting about radeeo show! http://www.thefump.com/podcast_episode.php?id=1084
2012-08-08 nastyapetrolbreth
Ve haf veedeeo of song! Vatch now, beefore ve take over your punee nation! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=z2-IVV1XgTE
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