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Ookla The Mok Mr. Mxyzptlk / Bizarro World 
For nearly 20 years now Ookla has set about the task of pairing Earth's Catchiest Melodies with The Most Impenetrable Lyrics In The World (patent pending). In that fine tradition, we present Mr. Mxyzptlk/Bizarro World.

For full and proper enjoyment of this song, we suggest that you obtain a working knowledge of French. It is also recommended that you possess a Mark Waid-level familiarity with Superman's rogues gallery.

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2012-05-29 devospice
Holy crap that Mr. Mxyzptlk thing at the beginning floored me. I'm suddenly remembering all those old Superfriends cartoons I watched as a kid and replacing his name in my head. Awesome. :)
2012-05-29 wildcard9
Me hate this song!! It is awful, worst thing Oooka the Mok has ever done!! I will never listen to this song again!! I not return to 5th dimension now. 9draCdliW
2012-05-29 Insane Ian
My God...this is genius. The two verses before the second bridge (the ones that start with Schadenfreude and end with ennui) are some of the most brilliant lines I've ever heard committed to song. Excellent work, gentlemen. I mean this entirely in in a non-Bizzaro way.
2012-05-29 Googlephonic
Goodbye! Me not love this song! Me not find out me know less than Mark Waid! Mxyzptlk ending not hilarious! Me not suggest Otto as another good name for Mxy! Hello!
2012-05-29 Errol
Ha! That's great. I haven't heard the name Mxyzptlk in a long time. :D
2012-05-29 garnsr
I'm not sure there's any good reason for the song to descend into French, but it was nice having to use my brain to figure out what the song was saying.
2012-05-29 iheartfunnymusic
Sheesh. I had to look up half the words in this song on Wikipedia and the other half in the Encyclopedie Francais. And gentlemen, I'm the nerdiest nerd in the western hemisphere. Let me pass on some advice that I never thought I'd hear myself say: Go play outside. Get some sun and fresh air. And a little exercise wouldn't kill you, either.
2012-05-29 davidtanny
What if Mr. Mxyzptlk was one of us...
2012-05-30 ladyomniscience
Gah! That hurt my brain. The bridge is pretty awesome, though.
2012-06-01 Jadasc
If you mashup this weeks' songs, you get the journey of a conquistador to Per
2012-06-08 Jeff Reuben
Awesome song, especially liked the Mxyzptlk beginning part.
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