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Devo Spice Devo, Are You Shoebox? 
featuring Worm Quartet
So there I was working on my Plan B song because my Plan A song had to be put on hold when along came Shoebox who said "You know what would be funny? If we did a parody of 'Kyle, Are You Ian?' about how our lives are pretty similar." My reaction was pretty much to drop everything and work on it. So I guess this was Plan C.

While this isn't the first FuMP song to parody another FuMP song it is definitely the first FuMP song to parody another FuMP song that was still on the home page. It's also the first time an artist is mentioned by name on the FuMP in two consecutive tracks. And thus concludes your FuMP history lesson for the day.

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2012-04-13 TVsKyle
I am absolutely speechless.
2012-04-13 Insane Ian
I am less speechless than Kyle, but confident I can die happy now. This is the greatest thing of ever.

:::throws down mic:::

I'm done. y'all. Nothing tops this. I'm out.


2012-04-13 TVsKyle
Fun fact: Yours is longer! I'm looking forward to "Derwood are you Art Paul" over on the Sideshow, btw.
2012-04-13 Vladinatrix
I'm really glad I'm not on my normal train today. People are looking at me funny for laughing so hard.
2012-04-13 Jadasc
You know what rhymes with Shoebox? A brand new pair of New Rocks. http://www.newrockboots.com/
2012-04-13 mrwompy
Man ... this old geezer is really starting to get confused. Jesse Smith, are you Lemon Demon? Steve Goodie, are you Carl Hatmaker? Flat 29, are you Consortium Of Genius?
2012-04-13 Derwood Bowen
Kyle: I don't know how much I have in common with Art Paul that that would work (I can only think of the fact that Paul is also my middle name). If you're waiting for something along those lines, though, maybe I can find someone out there to do this with.
2012-04-13 DedSysOp
"I can pump my own gas, I hope this dream lasts forever" --- had me laughing out loud, people at work are looking at me funny(er)
2012-04-13 wildcard9
And thus the Great FuMP War began. This is just all so confusing. Someone call Tom Smith to cover all of your asses and straighten this mess out!!
2012-04-13 dino-mike
Oh no... this is only 2 songs away from becoming a meme!
2012-04-13 dice1342
So does Lukes reaction on the fumpcast mean there is at least one more parody of this coming......can't wait to see how far this goes!
2012-04-13 onib
This really did turn out fantastically, and wow, what a breakneck turnaround time. Also, the gas pumping line had me laughing out loud, too. Every time I drive through Jersey I never know if I'm supposed to tip those guys or not.
2012-04-14 Insane Ian
And, of course, it has twice as many comments as the original...
2012-04-15 Eric Houg
You know what would be funny? If Frank started his own band and played awesome drum solos with the drum stick held in his nostril, and the band had way more groupies than Worm Quartet. The band could be called Death Star And The Puppies or that could be shortened to Dog Star. I'm not going to use this idea, so you are free to use it. And by "free", I mean just give me 80% of the band's gross income.
2012-04-17 dlunas
...these two joke tracks turned out better than they had any right to. Good job, guys.
2012-04-19 EclecticLee
I'd volunteer, Derwood, but I don't have enough Sideshow cred. (Guess I should do more than one parody a year.)
2012-05-30 nticompass
So, I found this thing called "The Wub Machine" (http://the.wubmachine.com/). It automagically makes dubstep remixes out of songs. So, yeah...... this happened: http://soundcloud.com/nticompass/devo-are-you-shoebox-wub
2012-05-30 devospice
So it did. :) Love it!
2012-06-05 mattingly
Got to get to your house, your house, your house.
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