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Devo Spice Friday (the 13th) 
featuring ShiSho
Well, it's Friday the 13th! You know what that means! Yes, it's time for another undead hockey player's killing spree! I love the Friday the 13th movies. All of them. Well, except Jason Goes To Hell. That one was dumb. And that's saying something after the previous 8 movies.

This song is a parody of "Friday" by Rebecca Black. I'm sorry. I'm so very very sorry. But I had this idea and it just wouldn't go away. For this song I enlisted the help of ShiSho, the young band from Ohio you may have seen perform at Con On The Cob for the past couple years. Plus about half of the screams you hear were submitted my fans.

This song is now available on the following CDs:
2012-01-13 A-Log
Nice to hear myself screaming bloody murder in there! Didn't expect it like this though.
2012-01-13 weirdojace
fffffffffffff ahahahahahahaa
2012-01-13 ldlang
Can't mask it, this one is a nice addition to your bloody body of works.
2012-01-13 mrwompy
Man ... that scared the hell out of me!! I don't want to go out the front door now ....
2012-01-13 lukeski
Who's scarier? Jason or Rebecca Black? Great job Devo and ShiSho! Now to get to work on my parody of the Double Rainbow song about the Human Centipede, "Triple Butthole".
2012-01-13 Insane Ian
This is awesome. Great work ShiSho and Devo! Now, to finish MY Friday parody...
2012-01-13 onib
This was really fantastic. ShiSho did a great job, and the effects blending turned out quite well. I quite like the louder "squishy" sound effect right after the eyeball bit.
2012-01-13 garnsr
Does it say "Heading off to camp like a Jew every year?" I haven't seen the movie (I'm not sure why, at this point) maybe it's about a Jewish summer camp? But Jews going off to camp and then getting killed brought other thoughts to mind after hearing this line, which I'm not sure I heard right, but I went back several times and that's sure what it sounds like to me.
2012-01-13 devospice
Uhhh, no. It says "Heading off to camp like I do every year." Trust me, I wouldn't go there.
2012-01-13 Zahooee
This is 28 different kinds of awesome! My day started out crappy and was on a downward spiral (nothing to do with it being the 13th) and I noticed that the new FuMP song was on my phone. By the second verse I was laughing so hard, I had to pull over. Seriously. No exaggeration. For the record, after listening to this, I see "Tile Guy" in a whole new light. I vote we keep him out of the Home Center from now on. To many sharp, pointy objects...
2012-01-13 ShiSho
To quote Rebecca Black, "We we we so excited!" Hey, just because her song
2012-01-13 ShiSho
To quote Rebecca Black, "We we we so excited!" Hey, just because her song
2012-01-13 Derwood Bowen
Wow! That was awesome!
2012-01-14 davewhite
Terrific!! Very well done. I will be using this one. Thanks Devo.
2012-01-14 dino-mike
HAHAHAHA!!! About time someone make a good Friday the 13th song! Great job dude!!!
2012-01-16 wildcard9
Wow, fantastic song!! I was at a con this weekend so didn't hear it until Monday.
2012-01-18 ProjectSisyphus
Great parody of a so-deserving song. Luke I like your idea too.
2012-01-24 chicagofan76
Nice to know Rebecca Black's "Friday" was finally good for something...Can I say that this will be the best overall song of 2012 already.
2012-01-26 Carrie Dahlby
Did you see this t-shirt? http://www.snorgtees.com/t-shirts/gettin-down-on-a-friday
2012-01-27 batlrar
So, today I woke up with a certain ... song stuck in my head, and I figure I'll check the FuMP to replace it with anything at all. I flip through the page to see where I last left off, and see this song title. Now the song will never leave my head, even long after I've replaced it with all robot pieces. That being said, this was about the best you could have done with the source!
2013-09-13 chicagofan76
It's Friday!!! Posted the song on facebook.
2015-02-13 BrennanHarvey
It's Friday the 13th. Gotta listen to one of my favorite songs.
2016-05-13 chicagofan76
It's Friday, the 13th. Live this song.
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